4 Internet Marketing Trends to Pay Attention to in 2014

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The coming year is bringing a broad array of business trends, including those geared toward Internet marketing for online businesses. What’s great about the Internet in terms of business is that it empowers you to take your company to an entirely new level.

No longer do you have to figure out ways to reach the masses; the Internet puts the masses on your front doorstep and lets you go from there. Provided you know which Internet marketing trends will benefit your business most, you’ll see a significant profit from your efforts.

1. Mobile marketing trends

It’s a simple deduction, when you think about it. It’s virtually impossible to spend the day out in public without seeing hundreds or even thousands of smartphones. They’re being used on public transportation, in private transportation, by people walking down the street, in line at the coffee shop, in the office, and everywhere in between.

With that in mind, why not take advantage of mobile marketing trends and use that platform to sell your business on the Internet? It’s not hard to see that mobile marketing will be the biggest Internet marketing focus of 2014.

Businesses will spend more time than ever creating mobile-friendly content that allows users to get access to your business information from their phones. The best way to use Internet marketing to your advantage in the coming year is to make your site mobile-friendly.

2. Toning it down

Sometimes the old adage is true: less truly is more. The world of Internet marketing is entering a phase when flashy, pretentious, look-at-me ads and content are no longer desirable. Some of the biggest companies in the world have already begun to tone it down in terms of marketing their brands. Simple is sometimes better.

When Internet marketing takes a turn for the simple, it can enable you to get more of a message across than a long and in-depth message. Look at Apple. Apple products don’t use catchy slogans or phrases or flashing lights and big sales and all kinds of glitter and pizzazz; the company flashes its Apple icon and lets the rest of the world salivate in anticipation of the next big Apple product.

3. Images in place of words

As in the previous example, businesses such as Apple are taking the hint and using online marketing to display images rather than their success stories. What you want to do to market your business is make it memorable and simple.

Skip the flashy tones and the fancy fonts. What your marketing efforts need is an image so simple and so basic that it will stand out in the minds of your prospective clients for years to come.

4. How Internet marketing trends benefit your business

The Australians have it right: Always consider the potential future sale of your business. Even when you’re just starting out and ready to make it big, remember that you might want to sell your corporation someday.

With this thought in mind, consider how your marketing efforts, particularly those online, will help benefit your business. You’ll see increased business, decreased advertising costs, and a stronger bottom line overall.

The bottom line is what matters when it comes to selling your business, even if it’s not something you’re considering right now. Good debts and bad debts can hinder the sale of your business. The smarter you market online, the faster you can eliminate your business debts, get out of the red, and place your business in a competitive position.

Marketing has always been the way in which companies let the world know what they have to offer. However, the Internet makes it not only easier to market, but far less expensive. Savvy businessmen and women know that online marketing is the present and the key to the future.




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