4 Reasons You Should Be Investing in More Content This Year

Everyone has been saying content is king for years, but did you know it’s becoming even more important? As search engine algorithms grow more complex and ever greater numbers of people look to blogs, websites, and social media outlets to obtain their news, you have to keep up with the latest trends and invest in more content to stay with the pack.


Less waste, more meat

The content marketing team over at Kapost does a great job of publishing fresh, original, and humorous content that’s totally engaging. Last April they posted a memorable infographic titled “Less Swag, More Content,” in which the company compared various levels of spending and showed what a business could gain in return.

In one column the Kapost team displayed what $5,000, $10,000, and $30,000 could get you in terms of promotional products and branded “swag,” and in the other they showed how much content you could buy. The takeaway, albeit somewhat satirical, is that content marketing is entirely worth spending some money on.

The question most people ask is: Why? Why is it worth my investing in more content marketing?

If you’ve had similar questions in the past, or are struggling with them today, below are a few reasons why you might need to invest in more content this year than you’ve ever done in the past.

It humanizes your brand. One of the most challenging achievements for a corporate operation is humanize the brand in a way that makes it relatable to the average customer. Custom content enables you to remove barriers, and connect with readers on a much deeper level. A leading New Zealand insurance provider known as Cigna frequently posts articles that touch on emotional and psychological issues, for instance. They allow the firm to exhibit a very human side, as opposed to merely being a corporate insurance company.

Google wants more. It’s an inescapable fact that Google wants more content … and when Google speaks, we had all better listen. Specifically, Google has placed an emphasis on semantic content that answers questions and adds value to pertinent topics of conversation.

Solid content lubricates the buying process. The ultimate goal of content marketing is to ease the road to a purchase and encourage people to move through the conversion funnel from interest to action. Fresh, engaging content does this by answering questions and appealing to the desires and needs of the customer. Without quality content, customers are naturally prey to skepticism, and can easily be dissuaded from buying by their doubts.

It’s been proven over time. Ultimately, content is tried and true, tested over the years, and proven to work. While some people persist in viewing it as a passing fad or unstable trend, content marketing has been around for centuries — in one form or another — and it’s one of the classic tools for persuasion and selling. Unless the Internet disappears tomorrow, web content will continue to hold value.

Let your content do the talking

What do you think? Most would agree that quality content is worth the investment. And though it admittedly requires patience to produce an initial return, the long-term benefits can far outweigh the upfront capital. For businesses looking to expand their digital presence with content marketing they can speak to Notable Singapore https://notable.com.sg/content-marketing-singapore

Make 2015 the year when you go all in on content marketing.