6 WordPress Coupon Plugins and Themes You Absolutely Must Install

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In addition to having a print coupon and rebate strategy, it’s important that companies enhance their campaigns with online coupons and solutions for managing individual sales. Thankfully, there are a number of WordPress plugins and themes that make it easy to present online deals in addition to standard retail coupons.

6 WordPress Coupon Plugins and Themes to Consider

The following WordPress coupon plugins and themes are worth your time and will help you attract price-conscious customers looking for a deal:

Couponer (theme). Commonly considered the premium WordPress coupon theme, Couponer is sleek, sophisticated, and user friendly. It’s so well received right now because of it’s simple interface and no-nonsense approach. The theme displays coupons and daily deals, has a built-in membership system that enables members to access certain coupon codes, and has MailChimp built in for opt-in campaigns. Couponer currently costs $48.

Magic WP Coupons Lite (plugin). This easy to use plugin lets you choose stores and add coupons to your site. It automatically generates shortcodes for different deals, allowing you to then use these codes on blog posts, advertisements, or other pages. The free plugin is compatible with 99 percent of WordPress templates and has a built-in like/dislike system that allows you to see which coupons users enjoy.

Couponize (theme). Perhaps the second-best known coupon theme is Couponize. This minimal and responsive theme is used by many different promo websites and is one of the most downloaded of its kind. Couponize currently costs $43.

NIC Discount Coupon Management (plugin). This isn’t the most popular plugin available, but certain websites find it’s unique features valuable. It allows you to set your code placement and images, allows for pop up windows, and uses a scrolling affect for nice visual appearance. It’s a free plugin and one that many websites have used in the past.

Deals (theme). Designed by Theme Junkie, Deals is a powerful coupon theme that’s helped many websites and companies increase conversions and drive sales. It even allows you to earn affiliate commission. There’s a separate blog section to the theme that is especially powerful if you’re looking to integrate a content marketing strategy. Deals currently costs $50.

Viral Coupon (plugin). Viral is one of the more unique plugins currently available. It allows you to create and manage coupons – but that’s just the beginning. The real value comes from its social component. In order for users to unlock codes, they must share the coupon on social media using one of the friendly share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. This speeds up the process and allows you to maximize results. Viral Coupon currently costs $17.

Give These Plugins and Themes a Shot

While you certainly don’t need all of these plugins and themes, you should try as many as you can. Each offers slightly different features and unique interfaces, rendering certain plugins more useful for particular businesses. However, if you realize you won’t be using one of the plugins any longer, be sure to uninstall it. Having dormant plugins installed on your WordPress site increases your vulnerability to cyber threats.

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