A Special Lesson for 9/11/2006

We won’t go off topic much here at Tubetorial, and if we do, it will usually be to make you laugh.

Today, however, is the anniversary of a very bad day that we all experienced in one way or another.

So, today we’re going to post a video from ZeFrank that teaches a lesson about the good that came out of that very bad day 5 years ago, told from the perspective of a very funny guy who lives, then and now, in New York City.

Back on topic tomorrow.

Quicktime video: 3:09 in duration



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  1. Ze, very captivating post. I recall my civil engineering professor solemly breaking the news to us on my first day of university. I remember thinking how unreal that day felt. For whatever reason, your post brought back that memory. Anyway, I hope that everyone has had a chance to take something good away, as you have, from the tragedy that occurred five years ago.

  2. Good job, Ze. Good restraint at the end too. It makes the point more effective.

    I was an English teacher at the time. My students voted to continue reading The Crucible rather than watch the news nonstop. One of my students turned 16 that day. Her friends brought her a cake to carry around all day. She shared it with our class, and it was almost like taking communion.