How to Make More Money with AdSense

7 Essential WordPress Hacks: 1. Permalinks

As great as WordPress is, there’s just some things you can’t do with it right out of the box. One of those things is insert contextual ads from the Google AdSense program or the Yahoo Publisher Network directly into the body of a post, thanks to the way WordPress handles javascript.

Enter the AdSense-Deluxe Plugin for WordPress. With this free plugin, you can insert contextual ads from Google or Yahoo closer to your content where they are more effective, PLUS manage multiple ad sizes and formats with a simple control panel that is integrated directly into the WordPress Admin area.

Check out this video to see how the Adsense-Deluxe Plugin for WordPress makes it easy to make more money with contextual advertising.

Supercharge your blog’s earnings with

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  1. Another reason I’m looking forward to using this theme for some new blogs I’m going to add to our network.

    I’d change the authors name on this post to Chris from Brian.

    You can try to slip that by us, but we ain’t buying that you are Brian.

  2. You’re so lucky that I love you guys and am here to critique your every move … for free !

    Kinda like the lunch Chris is getting from me on Thursday !

  3. I’ve actually put the ad class div inside of the adsense code box on the options page (did that make any sense?).

    Another thing I do is use it with chitika. Say I was running a blog about golf. I’d set up a chitika block to chose from a bunch of random words (golf clubs, golf bag, golf balls, etc) which would be fine for most posts. However I also want the ability to pull up a specific product without having to muck with the code. Chances are I’m going to title my post ‘Widget golf club 2000’ or ‘widget golf club 2000 review’ so I set up a chitika block to pull the title and use it to populate the keyword for the chitika ad block.

  4. I have found that Adsense placed on a post page tends to be focused on blogs/rss etc. no matter the content of the post. However, when I create a “Page” in WordPress, Adsense is highly relevant.

    Do you find that Adsense placed within a post is any more relevant than Adsense placed at the top or bottom of a post (i.e. “around” the post)?

    While placing the ads within the post maybe the best placement, how does this compare to the relevancy issues mentioned above? Which is most important? Obviously both matter. How well will placed but irrelevant ads serve webmasters?

  5. If I’m using a different theme, what can I do instead of using the code that will give the ad proper spacing from the text?

    I love these tutorials. Much easier to learn thing, for me, by watching than just reading text.

  6. em..good. It is better than i think..maybe i need to look in difference situation..this web give me more benefit

  7. Great tutorial for newbie…..
    I do not need to go through the documentation after viewing this great video. What a feat!Thank you for sharing~

  8. Great tutorial!

    Everything works great except one thing… When I put the adsense code in the body of my post, along with the div code, all of the text in my blog post begins underneath the ad! Why is this happening? It should start at the top of the blog entry and wrap around the ad, right? Also, the ad is on the left hand side of the post… Is there a way to get it to move to the right, like we see in the tutorial?



  9. From adsensedelux page from wordpress can activete a specific block to be visible on the index page or the options are for all blocks?

    The options below this line control where Ads will be shown.
    Enable Ads on Individual Posts
    Enable Ads on Home page
    Enable Ads on “pages”
    Enable Ads on any Archive page
    Globally enable/disable all ads

  10. wow this is really helpful … but then i am not able to align the ads within the post. Any suggestion anyone?

  11. thats a very good way to explaine fools like me how to install this plugin. My problem is what should we do if we use modified editors for adsense like “Dean’s FCK Editor” , l dont know how to modify fck editor :S

  12. Thanks for the information, just what I needed, I’m looking into start monetizing my blog.

  13. Yea ..hey I just installed wp 2.2.1 and adsense 0.8 but everytime I add an adsense block it never materializes. Also I tried adding the div and ad parameters manually it still will not post with adsense. Is it broke? Thanx

  14. @Frank –

    im having the same experience.

    WP 2.2.3
    Adsense 0.8

    figured out how to get past the plugin not loading (need to put adsense-deluxe.php in the /plugins directory and the rest of the contents of the zipped file into the subdirectory)

    i recently finished setting up my adsense account.

    followed the directions in the excellent tubetorial. however, after loading the plugin on two different blogs, i paste the code into the body of the post and nothing shows up. no errors, no nothing.

    maybe i need to wait for something on the google adsense side since i just finished setting up?

    will also snoop on the adsense deluxe blog post

  15. Not to bad but if I add in my ad unit, I issued “Invalid characters in Keyword; submission NOT saved”. What it means?

  16. Making money isn’t that ease is you are using Adsens. Only a couple of words are effective. But if you have a WP blog this is absolutly the best plugin for adsens! Thanks

  17. Thanks for the tutorial, but it is a little hard if you have a large blog and need to do bulk works…


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  19. Thanks a lot for another marvellous article. I am always on the look-out for original WordPress tips to suggest to my own readers. Thank you for posting this tutorial . It’s just what I was searching for. Truly marvellous post.

  20. Making money isn’t that ease is you are using Adsens. Only a couple of words are effective. But if you have a WP blog this is absolutly the best plugin for adsens! Thanks

  21. Great extension, thank you for the great work!

    Very cool extension – saves me having to go to the Adsense site every five minutes!

    It would be great for me to have the same kind of value that yours on my adsense bar.

    Beautiful extension. Probably my favorite one. Thanks!