How to Generate Huge Lists of High Paying AdSense Keywords

5 Steps to Making Money From Keyword Research — Episode One

In this video you’ll see how easy it is to develop highly targeted keyword lists based on actual search engine use with Keyword Elite. Plus, you’ll learn how to manage those keywords and refine your list in such a way that previously required hours of tedious work.

  • Create huge keyword lists in seconds.
  • Sort, filter, and manipulate keywords 117 different ways.
  • Easily create and upload AdWords campaigns and groups.

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  1. Keep up the good work ,Brian and Chris. I’m slowly implementing the WP plugs. Thanks! It means a lot that it is also free.

    BTW- my blog is so jealous or your blog’s design, mostly chris’s, though Brian, yours is groovy as well.


  2. I first found tubetorial some time ago (after installing Cutline on one of my WordPress sites) and I watched loads of your excellent videos on how to monetize a site. I am now back for a refresher course because I rate them so highly.

  3. Ok, I know this is a videoblog, but an MP3 would be great for my commute. Can you guys provide these for us distance and time-challenged?

  4. It seems that I need to try Keyword Elite. I have a lot of hits but most of them are USD0.02 and USD0.01 that makes AdSense not works for me.

    But the problem is that I don’t have enough incentive to buy Keyword Elite. I have to spend a lot of money to keep all domains and websites.