Antivirus Software That Provides Multi-Device Support With Professional Grade Protections

Multi-Device Antivirus SuiteIn today’s society it isn’t uncommon to own a desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet device all at the same time. In the past each of those devices would require their own antivirus software, an expensive proposition for most buyers. However, realizing that they need to attract new customers, companies have begun to offer all-inclusive packages that can power a users multiple devices for a single fee.

We have compiled a list of antivirus applications that provide for multi-device support.

McAfee All Access

This software suite costs just $49.99 but provides protection for PCs, Macs, Tablets, and Smartphones. McAfee lists the programs “unlimited license” in the details and allows for multiple device use “within reason.”

Along with standard virus scan removal and detection this program also provides the ability to remotely wipe your mobile devices, while staying on top of virus and malware threats levied against mobile devices.

Users are also treated to social network and email protections, web browsing safety, and a cloud management solution so you can manage all your devices from anywhere.

Norton 360 Multi-Device

This software suite costs $69.99 and provides protection for all your devices. The multi-device suite arrives with support for Norton 360™ for PCs, Norton™ Internet Security 5 for Mac® and Norton Mobile Security for iPhones®, iPads® and Android™ smartphones and tablets.

Users are provided with antivirus and malware protection alongside social network security, email spam and phishing protection, and parental controls that restrict web browsing and provide for web usage monitoring.

Norton 360 Multi-Device also offers “identity safe” which remembers usernames and passwords for websites so you don’t have to enter that information and fall victim to keylogging and screen capture programs.

Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device

This $79.95 all-in-one software solution offers protection for PCs, Macs, Android smartphones and Android tablets.

Users once again receive full antivirus and malware support alongside real-time protection that prevents all of your devices from contracting new viruses and other threats.

Once again anti-theft protection is offered for Android smartphones and tablets. Users can secure all of their data the moment their devices are lost or stolen.

Kaspersky provides for five-device license support and users can mix and match those devices in any way they see fit.

Bitdefender Sphere

At $99.95 the Bitdefender Sphere program is one of the best in its class.

PC and Mac users are provided with full antivirus and malware support along with some added protections. For example, the Mac side of the software stops Windows viruses from transmitting to other non-Mac devices.

Users are provided with online identity protections, including Facebook and other social networks.

Mobile devices are offered remote wipe capabilities and mobile website browsing safety features.

The best part about this option is Bitdefender Sphere, an online platform that allows users to fully manage all aspects of their devices including Anti-theft and Facebook protection.

The programs listed above are just a handful of the virus scan suites that offer full multi-device support. Check out the website best antivirus if you want to review other top-notch virus scan applications that can fully protect the various devices you use at home and on-the-go.

Do you have a favorite antivirus software suite that provides full professional protections with multi-device support?





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