Optimize, Repair And Backup Your Data

7 Must Have WordPress Killer Plugins: Optimize, Repair and Backup your dbase

One of our most popular tubetorials is the Backup Your Blog video, but the functions is the backup plugin are rather simple and limited.
Actually you want more than just backup your blog, because what will you do with the backup once you need it? Do you know how to restore your database, how to import your backup? Did you know that you have to do this within phpMyadmin, in your CPanel??? Having a premier global data center service is essential, but you must also be aware of your own responsibilities.

For example, another problem with databases is that with time they will create overhead, unwanted clutter. Almost as bad as fragmented hard drives in your desktop PC. They will slow down your database performance and in worst case they might even damage things.

The road to repair or import a backup usually goes over Cpanel and requires several operations within phpMyadmin.

But you don’t have to suffer, because there also is an easy way to do all this. With Lester Chan’s awesome WP-DBManager you can control your complete WordPress database in your WP admin panel. Backup, restore, repair and optimize your database, without any knowledge requirement.
You can even run SQL commands and add new tables to your database.

Things couldn’t be easier.

Flash video: 9:13 in duration

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Tubetorial made by Michael Pick, a professional screencaster, when he is not swearing at Final Cut Pro on his Mac Book Pro.