Change Your Permalinks Without 404

7 Must Have WordPress Killer Plugins: Change Your Permalinks Without 404

Changing the link structure of your WordPress entries can hugely improve your blogs SEO, but what if you’ve already been running your blog for a while and now realize you could improve the SEO with a better links structure?

If your simply using the WordPress Permalinks for the first time, there’s no problem, but what if you have opted, as most beginning bloggers do, for the classic month/day/postname structure and now realize you’d love to use the category name, or just the post name without more, for your links?


Unless of course you’re a mod_rewrite specialist, you will probably decide not to change the structure because you are afraid to lose too much SE traffic. And who wants to redirect every single 404 to the homepage?
Good themes have a smart 404 page, but many themes lack in this area, and probably you will decide not to change the link structure.

Fear not, one of the most powerful (and smallest) WordPress plugins will help you in this: Dean’s Permalinks Migration Plugin.
This plugin does everything needed: grab the old permalinks structure you used for your WP blog and redirect every old link to the new post links.

Discover how to use Dean’s Permalinks Migration Plugin in our 6th episode of 7 Must Have Killer WordPress Plugins. It’s the simplest plugin ever! All you have to do is visit the WordPress Permalinks section of your blog, set the new structure and add the old structure in Dean’s plugin. Done.

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