How to Code Links and Images in HTML

HTML 101: How to Create Web Pages With HTMLEpisode Five

Links make the Web go round, and images add the visual flair your web site needs to be eye-catching. So you need to know how to quickly and easily add both to any web page.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • All about URLs
  • How to format links
  • The difference between absolute and relative links
  • How to add images to a web page
  • How to make an image into a hyperlink

Flash video: 9:00 in duration

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  1. Hi.
    It is kind of you to share a learning tool like this for all to see. Thank you very much. I am learning!


    I just have one question regarding this particular vid. When it comes to putting up hyperlink images, I tried doing the same for .JPEG images but it doesn’t show the picture. It does work with . GIF though. Why is that? Or does this only work with .GIF files?

    Again, Thank you so much!

  2. Wow, I must say that you are a GREAT TEACHER!! I really like the care you take to go step by step. I really feel I am learning and understanding a lot, and just wanted to thank you.

  3. Jonas, use .jpg not .jpeg and watch your capitalization. If you name a graphic .gif or .jpg and try to put .GIF or .JPG, the image won’t show up.

    Fernando, thanks. I actually taught classes for over 3 years, so I have lots of hard knocks, on the job training.

  4. The tube torial doesn’t work any more, i been trying this from last night and still now blank screen.

    Please check your system and let me know via-email.
    Thank you