Copyright Issues for Bloggers

Blogger Law 101 — Episode Three

Copyright is perhaps the most prominent legal issue online, and that means it’s important to know the ins and outs of copyright law when blogging. This video will show you how to keep from violating the copyrights of others, and how to properly attribute the work of others under a Creative Commons license.

Flash video: 5:26 in duration

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Copyright Attribution Examples:

Supreme Court photo:

Title: Supreme Court
Taken by: Kate Mereand
Date Taken: 2005-12-10 16:24:48
License: Creative Commons Attribution License

Anita the Musician Graphic:

Cartoon concept and design by Neeru Paharia.
Original illustrations by Ryan Junell, Photos by Matt Haughey
License: Creative Commons Attribution license

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  1. Ok now i wish the internet world could just be a free place now i feel as if i have to go through all my work and check to see it im compliant what a head ache but good to know for furture refrence

  2. Wow, all this copywright stuf is pretty confusing. I own blog and is hard to remember all this stuff. Good video though.