Why Copywriting is the Key to Selling Ebooks and Other Information Products

7 Steps to Creating and Selling Niche Information Products — Episode Six

Now that you’ve taken the time to create and package your information product, it’s time to sell it.

Rather than just blandly describing what your product is about and hoping that enough people buy, you need to use words that compell and sell. And doing that well means developing solid copywriting skills. In fact, copywriting is one of the most essential elements to any online marketing effort.

In this video, we’ll take a look at:

  • The only thing that really sells information
  • What the 3 key objectives of copywriting are and how to satisfy them.
  • How to make sure you’re always focusing on compelling benefits.
  • What Seth Godin can teach you about copywriting.
  • Why you should NOT try to sell your product first.
  • How a cheap, simple tool sells for you while you sleep.
  • The secret to pre-selling as taught by a direct-marketing master.

Check out this quick video to see how to package your ebook or other info product in order to maximize sales.

Flash video: 7:21 in duration

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  1. now this is chunky writing the actual sales copy is the most distingushing part of any information product online. this i really needed to know thanks

  2. I had forgotten how great this series of videos are. Excellent. Going to pass on the link. to friends.