Dramatically Increase Sales With Copywriting Software and Conversion Tracking

7 Steps to Creating and Selling Niche Information Products — Episode Seven

Now that we know solid copywriting is crucial to getting our information product sold, how do we know that the words we choose will really sell? The key is testing, both before we turn our product loose on the world, as well as after.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Why testing avoids bad advertising mistakes.
  • How statistical copywriting software optimizes your copy.
  • How to avoid being scammed by copywriting software products.
  • The real secret to writing exceptional headlines.
  • Why split-testing allows you to tap into true marketing genius.
  • Why pricing your product too low can be devastating.
  • When conversion rates don’t matter.
  • How to use Google AdWords to test conversion rates without expensive software.

Check out this quick video to learn how to make sure your words are truly selling your information product.

Flash video: 5:07 in duration

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