How to Create an Information Product the Quick and Easy Way

7 Steps to Creating and Selling Niche Information Products — Episode Four

You’ve nailed down a truly compelling, in-demand topic for an information product. Now if you could only find the time and motivation to get it done…

Sitting down and hammering out a 200 page book is not only tough, it may not even be the best way to approach the information product you’re trying to develop. In this video we’ll explore:

  • shorter reports that have big value
  • ghostwriters
  • blogging your book

and the cool way in which audio products are not only quicker and easier to create, but also help us automatically generate written marketing materials we’ll need to sell the product itself. Oh… and the fact that more people want them doesn’t hurt either.

And by using a teleseminar to create our product, we can even get paid to make it as well!

Flash video: 5:59 in duration

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  1. That was your best yet, BC. And the next one looks like it may be even better !

    I got several ideas from that and may now do my ebook as an audio interview first and then as the four types of products you explained.

    Thanks for some good info and some great inspiration !

  2. That was really informative – thank you. I must admit I am very intrigued by your mind-mapping software. Are you willing to disclose what product you use?

  3. Thanks Mike!

    Ben, I use MindJet MindManager software… sorry, meant to put that in the episode links. It’s up there now (available from Amazon).

  4. This is very helpful video for helping me shape and refine some of the information products that I’ve already starte on. I’m looking forward to the packaging video.

  5. great video. I hope to have some new products up on my site soon. Just can’t find the time to sit down and do a recording now.

  6. And what better way to explain the benefits of audio products than by using one! Great presentation.

  7. If you blog your book one page at a time and then try to sell it on the very same blog, why would anyone buy your ebook when it’s already on your blog for free? This will hurt your conversions. What am I missing here? I can see sketching it out on a blog and adding in tidbits and teasers, but writing out the whole book on the blog makes no sense to me.

  8. What you do is get free feedback, comments and inspiration for the blog, get it ranked well in search engines and then, when your book is ready, you modify the pages to show good but incomplete information that leads the reader to track down and buy your book.

    Your blog becomes more of a lead generation tool at that stage.

  9. Great video’s man.

    I’m a huge fan of using audio or video for product creation. I especially like using the technique of planning out five or six ‘mini’ products which can be incorporated into a whole system.

    Let’s face it, putting together 6 fifty page reports is much easier than sitting down to write a 40,000 word ebook, plus you get the benefit of generating some income with each report at a time. Once the reports are done it’s also nice to be able to offer people the option to buy the individual reports, or the whole system for a discounted price.

  10. Everyone gets ebooks pushed under their noses these days, and audio has a higher perceived value and appeals to the need for instant gratification…but I realised if you pre sell your list with some audio first, they feel like they know you better – creates trust,creates sales

  11. This sounds like some good ideas, i want to create my own product soon, right now I am focusing on affiliate marketing. I have some good ideas for some products though and I will do one soon!

  12. Thank you for great post!

    Including audio in product creation process is always good idea, especially if you have your own product to promote. Using audios or videos for product creation have serious power of attraction in getting visitor’s attention.

    Branko Zecevic