How to Create an Information Product the Quick and Easy Way

7 Steps to Creating and Selling Niche Information Products — Episode Four

You’ve nailed down a truly compelling, in-demand topic for an information product. Now if you could only find the time and motivation to get it done…

Sitting down and hammering out a 200 page book is not only tough, it may not even be the best way to approach the information product you’re trying to develop. In this video we’ll explore:

  • shorter reports that have big value
  • ghostwriters
  • blogging your book

and the cool way in which audio products are not only quicker and easier to create, but also help us automatically generate written marketing materials we’ll need to sell the product itself. Oh… and the fact that more people want them doesn’t hurt either.

And by using a teleseminar to create our product, we can even get paid to make it as well!

Flash video: 5:59 in duration

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