Cutline Theme for WordPress

One of the things we love to do here at Tubetorial is hook you up with free schwag. Moreover, we love to hook you up with free schwag that you can actually use to improve your online presence – be it a business, a portfolio, or even just a simple blog.

Today we’re pleased to announce the release of the Cutline theme for WordPress, which is an incredibly powerful, flexible theme that runs on our favorite blogging software. It’s free; it’s awesome; and it was built with your success in mind.

Do you want your site to look sharper? Could you benefit from a smarter template that makes design decisions for you? Are you ready to take your posting styles to the next level?

Go have a look at the Cutline demo and experience a new kind of publishing prowess!

Or, if you want, just download that bad boy right now!



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  1. What’s my chances that if i were to switch to this theme that I would or would not break my current blog ?

    It looks great and I like the way the sub-heads, images and blockquotes are handles.

  2. Howdy Boys .. just letting you know there’s another one out there now // Nice and clean // If you find any ‘clock related’ mastheads out there that fit this theme .. think of me 😀 // HART

  3. Cutline looks great and is very functional, nice job! Another WordPress theme with similar characteristics is K2, also a very nice.

  4. Hi,

    On the version of your theme, the blogroll feature isn’t working. I tried it, and a friend of mine, also tried it. It just doesn’t appear.

    It does work in a similar theme developed by you called Pressrow, but I like Cutlines better.



  5. Doug,

    I have no control over the version of Cutline. You need to direct these questions at the support team in order to receive a quick and accurate answer.

    Thanks for using the theme!

  6. Chris .. I’m working on a wpMU installation .. will this theme work for MU? Besides this blogroll comment above .. are there any other issues or potential reasons not to include it in the MU version?

    I was just wondering, based on Doug’s comment about – which is also MU as I understand it. I was under the impression that normal themes in WP cannot be used off-the-shelf in wpMU ..

  7. The blogroll issue was fixed in Cutline version 1.03.

    As far as WordPressMU goes, I don’t have any experience with that platform. I would recommend simply trying the theme, and if you notice that it doesn’t work, use whatever default theme they provide.

    If there’s enough of a call for it, I’m sure many themes will begin to see ports to MU in the months ahead.

    I would like to point out, though, that I really see no reason why the underlying architecture (for themes, anyway) would be any different for MU versus the standard WordPress.

  8. Well, I’ve got the cutline installed in a wpMU installation .. but I’m still testing .. I will let you know how it works out once its ready for public eyes.

    So far, to me, it seems the biggest issue would be wondering about the maintenance of allowing users to modify theme presentations and plugins (eg header link issues?) .. but I’ve been trying to learn fast and am still testing various options.

  9. Trying the Cutline Theme at and the theme is pretty great.

    It almost validates.

    However, I am unable to get a handle on the Archives Tab. When I click it, I get a GoDaddy page not found. So, I created a blank Archives page, and now when I click the Archives button I get a nice page with no archives in it.

    The blog only has 10 posts of so, some from November some from December, so I expected to see something there, but I see nothing.


    No Comments

    0 responses so far ↓

    Looks like that.

  10. Great template! I’m having some trouble adding categories to the sidebar though. Am I missing something obvious or do I need to do it trough the theme editor. Thanks.

  11. Hi,

    Love your Cutline Theme.

    However, I’m wondering if it is certified for WordPress 2.2 yet?



  12. Where can I get support for the Cutline 1.1 please?

    I’m experiencing several problems. I’m using WP 2.2.1 and Cutline 1.1. The widgets doesn’t update. I need to switch themes in order for the widgets to update.

    If I want to edit the sidebar manually how should I do that? Is it possible?