Discover Exactly Which of Your Competitors Keywords Are Making Them Money

5 Steps to Making Money From Keyword Research — Episode Five

In this final video of the Keyword Elite series, you’ll discover the aspect of this software that really sets it apart from all other keyword research tools.

This powerful feature allows you to identify exactly who is making money with certain AdWords bids for certain products. How? By using the timeless direct marketing principle that people who continue to run ads are making money from them.

By identifying the AdWord bids that are actually making people money for certain products, you can formulate a competing bid with better ad copy and a stronger landing page, and instantly have a profitable campaign.

  • Save hours in research and testing time.
  • Spy on an unlimited number of websites.
  • Learn exactly which keywords are making your competition money, and then use their keywords to make you money.

Click here to watch the video.

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  1. This is useful info, which I certainly appreciate, but the number of affilate links (clickbank) in the ‘episode links’ on these posts makes them just seem like a money-making scheme, rather than an attempt to inform people…

  2. AndyToo,

    Brian and I (the guys who run this joint) are committed to devoting our lives to bringing this type of helpful, informative content to people.

    We both believe that people can build Web sites and achieve great things on their own, and that some targeted guidance and solid information are likely the only things holding them back from success.

    With that in mind, we run four sites whose individual goals are to all essentially the same—to enrich the community and to help people succeed online.

    I presume that you also have mouths to feed, and I think before you take a stab at the work we’ve done, you ought to peruse our network of sites and marvel at the sheer amount of content that we’ve created recently.

    All of that content is meant to help others, and we never directly ask for anything in return.

    I don’t charge you to subscribe; I don’t force you to sign up to leave comments that are shortsighted at best; and I don’t mislead you or tell you anything that isn’t true.

    There’s nothing that isn’t transparent about any of our sites, and I simply think you need to be more of a realist with regard to what’s going on here.

  3. this site is very informative including all of the other websites these guys host. Andytoo, that was a very ungrateful thing to say. As far as I’m concerned, It is never anything wrong to make money for all the effort invloved in this project. Monetizing a website for some profit is a great thing. That would probably explain why Andytoo himself probably isn’t very succesful in this business because of that mind set

  4. Great website. Why didn’t I think of this. Great way to promote products. I’ll definetely use this site more and I’ll make sure to send some sensible love your way!

  5. This is a very informative site. Lots of informations and give you an idea on how to build a website and make profit from it.

  6. @Andytoo I don’t understand busting on these guys for having affiliates and PPC advertising. Their free to the user advice is much appreciated by me. As for the folks run this site making some money from their work and not charging folks like me to access the info I give it a hardy thumbs up. A key element in the “social web” is a willingness to be giving. Everyone has to eat and pay the bills. …thanks for the info guys!

  7. Thanks for the post. @ Chris. Thanks for the links to some great free places to get informed. Everyone wants to succeed here and get ahead of the competitors 🙂