Does MEGA Protect Web Users or Make Them Liable?

You never know what you might find on the web. MEGA proves that. MEGA is the latest file sharing service from Kim Dotcom. Dotcom was the brains behind the successful Megaupload. Megaupload was shut down because the rampant abuse of copyright infringement that went on by members. Since Dotcom and his company behind it knew this was going on, he, too, was in the hot seat.

Since Megaupload was shut down, Dotcom vowed he would be back. That is where MEGA comes in handy. MEGA is a supersized version of what Megaupload was with one of the biggest attempts to avoid liability for Dotcom as well as the users that visit the site. MEGA automatically encrypts everything that is uploaded to its servers. Once encrypted, no one, not even those running MEGA truly know what is being stored, shared and downloaded.

This shifts the liability elsewhere, not on MEGA, not on the users and may be not even on the downloaders themselves. When it comes to using the web, whether you run a web site, chat with friends or blog, you never exactly know where copyright law may burn you. MEGA wants you to use its service to share files, anything you want and not have to worry about whether it is legal or not.

MEGA’s concepts are a good start. If Dotcom truly wanted to make a private cloud-based service online, he could do it. The question is: Has he done it? While MEGA does not operate like traditional cloud services, it can be used as a powerful tool to turn into one if handled properly. Kim Dotcom’s track record is not great when it comes to the law, but this time, has he figured out a way to protect himself and his users? Or is he simply making them liable when MEGA is not? We shall see.

Kim Dotcom and MEGA

MEGA Infographic



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