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7 Must Have WordPress Killer Plugins: Easy, Automated Video Aggregation and Embedding

With the help of the awesome ViScript plugin for WordPress, it is easy to start an automatically generated videoblog, using the main videosharing sites, such as Youtube and Brightcove, as source. This can help you in setting up an easy, video-documentation-blog as an aside, a bonus to your own blog.

The ViScript plugin will take care of everything needed: retrieve the videos from the sources you’ve defined and automatically add them to your vlog. All this at the update rate you set. It is easy to set recurring times for updates, only thing you have to do is specify the keywords the plugin should look up and what the update interval is.

Flash video: 8:47 in duration

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Viscript sadly is no free plugin for WP, but the monetization of a site using the video aggregation plugin couldn’t be easier, just check out an automatically generated football (soccer for you Americans) blog here and check how easy it is.

To avoid many double videos it is better not to set the number of new videos, with every update, too high and also to narrow down your videos. In the earlier mentioned blog, the keywords are narrowed down to the complete name of the player (sometimes with ManUtd added as keyword, if more people carry the same name and have videos at Youtube) and for every player daily two new videos are added. If the number of new videos daily were set higher, you would notice many more double videos, because the script will dig deeper in to Youtube’s archives and retrieve older videos, with just a slightly differently title. The script will recognize any double video if the title is the same as the earlier posted one.

If you want to use the script without importing the latest 10 comments from the videosharing site, open the plugin file viscript.php in your preferred editor and delete the following lines

  • 806 to 942
  • 2075 to 2214

This will prevent the script from grabbing the comments from the videosharing sites. Alternatively you can uncomment the whole selected area instead of deleting it. To do so, replace the // at the beginning of each section with /* and close the section with */

Note: At the moment ViScript is NOT 100% compatible with WP2.3 yet. The plugin still tries to add entries to the old category structure, but plugin developer has promised me they are working at an update of the script and will make it compatible with WordPress 2.3 ASAP.

It is important to check the license used for the videos the script will parse and embed on your blog. The script will not grab any videos which are set no to share, but still, if you run a professional site, you should check the license of every added video.
And if you decide to use Viscript, go ahead test out how easy it is to implement video. Feel free to import all the Tubetorial videos from our Brightcove channel, just use as source Brightcove and Tubetorial as keyword. Things couldn’t be any simpler.

Tubetorial made by Michael Pick, a professional video editor and screencaster, when he is not swearing at Final Cut Pro on his Mac Book Pro.



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  1. Also check out Tubemogul.com which has proven quite valuable to me. It blasts out your videos to the top video sites online in one easy step. You only have to input all the data ONE time and it does the rest after you save the settings for later.

    Don’t forget to save your settings. 🙂