Tips for Making Easy Money with Google AdSense

How to Build a Profitable Home on the WebEpisode Five

You’ve probably read fantastic stories of people who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each year with Google AdSense. But did you know that for every publisher making huge money, there are thousands of people out there who earn next to nothing?

That sure doesn’t sound like easy money to me!

What gives, then? Why are some folks so successful while others toil away without any appreciable results?

The difference is all about the implementation, as top AdSense earners have literally built their sites with ad placements and earnings in mind. In much the same way as a farmer prepares fields for his crops to grow, powerhouse AdSense publishers have, in effect, cultivated places on the Web where earnings have the potential to blossom.

With that in mind, let’s focus on building a site that is ready to earn. We’ll start with two of the most basic, fundamental “best practices” for AdSense — ad placements and the types of ads to display.

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