Feedvertising: Make Money With Your RSS Feed

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In the last episode, you learned how to better position AdSense to monetize your Web site. While that’s a great way to make money off of your site itself, did you know that a large percentage of your audience might never see those ads?

Because an ever-increasing number of Web surfers prefer to read their favorite blogs via RSS feed (or email generated by RSS) rather than on the actual Web site, making money with your feed is crucial. So, if you want to monetize your entire audience, then you’re going to need a way to make your RSS feed work for you.

Enter Feedvertising, the newest, easiest, and most flexible way to run ads within the RSS feed of your WordPress blog. Unlike other feed advertising solutions, Feedvertising is totally within your control — you can accept brokered ads, sell ads yourself directly, insert affiliate links, or cross-promote your other blogs. It’s totally up to you, and the technology is completely free.

Take a look at this quick demo video to see how Feedvertising can turn your RSS feed into a great revenue source. It’s completely compatible with Feedburner too!

Flash video: 5:21 in duration

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