How to Add Translation to Your WordPress Blog

Hi everyone, and welcome to Tubetorial. Today I want to show you how to instantly add translation to your WordPress blog or site- using a nifty little plugin called Global Translator. It’s free, although there is a Pro version, which you should consider using if you need additional features.

For this tutorial, I’m installing Global Translator on one of my blogs, I’ve downloaded the plugin, and uploaded it to the plugins directory- and now I’m going to activate it. Like most WordPress plugins, it’s really easy to install.

Now that it’s activated, I’m going into the plugin’s Options page. From here, I can select the Translation Engine I want to use, which languages I want to make available, and so forth. I’m leaving all the defaults on for now, but I can easily customize all of this later on.

If you have a Widgets enabled theme, it’s really simple. Go into the Widgets section, and drag the Global Translator Widget into your sidebar. And that’s it! Let’s have a look.

Okay, so you can see that the flags aren’t wrapping properly here, so I want to go back to the Options page, and set the number of flags I want to show per line. Let’s select 15.

I’ll update the Options- and… now it looks just fine.

If you don’t have Widgets, or don’t want to use them, here’s the code you want to copy and paste into the area of your blog to show the flags:

<?php if(function_exists(“gltr_build_flags_bar”)) { gltr_build_flags_bar(); } ?>

Go into the Theme Editor, click on Sidebar, and paste it right there.

And now, let’s have another look at the blog- to see a sample translation. I’ll click on the Japanese flag here- and since I’ve just activated the plugin, it will give me this message. But no worries- in a few moments, I will see a semi-automatic translation.

And there you go. My blog is instantly translated into Japanese, for my Japanese visitors- and it was really quick, really simple, and really painless.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Tubetorial. For more video tutorials, please visit us at



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  2. Thank you for this tip! I have a blog that I hope to reach many countries with and this is a big help. Giving it a try right now.