How To Become A Twitter Power User, Part I: Using HootSuite


Hi everyone, and welcome to Tubetorial. I’m Lorraine Nepomuceno.

This is the first in a series of video tutorials on becoming a Twitter power-user. Today, I want to show you how to start using HootSuite, a free service that will add a whole lot to the capabilities of your Twitter account. If, like me, you love Twitter, you’ll love HootSuite.

You need to have an existing Twitter account, so if you don’t have one yet- go ahead and get one now.

So, the first thing to do is go to– you’ll see some highlighted features here, as well as some logos of prominent companies using HootSuite down here.

Now click on the SIGN UP NOW button.

Fill this out with your details. Now, I’m going to get the verification code that I received in my email, and paste it in here.

And voila- I’m in the HootSuite dashboard.

The first thing I need to do is add a social network account- which is why this window has popped up. I’ll go ahead and submit my Twitter account details here.

The great thing about Twitter auto liker tools is that it lets you add multiple accounts, so if you have separate Twitter accounts for personal purposes or business purposes, you can access them all without having to logout of and login to Twitter over and over again.

Next, I’m going to add my Facebook account. Just fill this out… and this requires a little more work, since you need to allow it to “Connect to Facebook”.

Finally, I’m back in my HootSuite dashboard. Let’s have a quick look around. Clicking into Preferences, I can enable audio and visual notifications when I get new tweets… and I can select which URL shortener I want to use. I prefer using, but these are fine for now.

I can change my account info here… and in this next tab, called RSS/Atom, I can add the RSS feed of my blog or website as well. So I’ll add the feed of my bakeshop blog. I can choose WHICH social media account to link to the feed. So I’ll choose my Twitter account.

Finally, let’s try sending a Tweet from within HootSuite. Up here, I’ll type in a tweet… And, this is very cool- and maybe my favorite thing about HootSuite. I can now choose to SCHEDULE this tweet for a later time or date.

For now, I’ll choose to send it now.

Now, I can also use this as a client, to read through all the tweets of people I’m subscribed to. To do this, I click on the HOME icon… shaped like a little house… and then choose the tab of the account I want to view. Here is my Twitter account… and here is my Facebook stream.

You can also download and install one of HootSuite’s apps or plugins to be able to access it from other places- such as your iPhone, directly from your desktop, or as a browser add-on. Here, I’m running it from my desktop in OSX.

As you can see, HootSuite is an easy way to really enhance your Twitter account. In our next few episodes, I’ll be showing you other services, tips and tools you can use to become a more advanced Twitter user.



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  1. Great hootsuite web. you saved my time by sharing this tut.
    Let me know, which sofware you are using for transcript?