How to Drive More Leads to your White Label Program using Videos

lead generation tips for videos

SEO is a very competitive niche. There is a lot of demand from businesses for services that help them increase their online visibility. At the same time, there are lots of people who want a piece of the pie despite their lack of SEO knowledge.

To bridge the gap between both, offers white label SEO reseller program where digital marketing agencies can attract people who need SEO services.

The great thing about this program is that resellers don’t have to know the inner workings of SEO. They can pitch SEO packages available in the program to their leads. Once their clients accept, the reseller delegates the work to professionals, who will provide the work under the name of the reseller. The professional manages everything related to the project with the goal of making the reseller impressive to the clients.

It’s an interesting program that helps agencies earn more from their existing clients who may be looking for SEO services. However, the concept may be lost to some. For resellers, they might find delegating SEO project to someone who they don’t personally know discomforting. used video to further explain what they’re all about and how they can help agencies increase their income (earn more money).

In this post, learn how video content can help generate leads for a white label SEO reseller program. The tips featured here are also applicable to any business you have. The goal is to understand video content as an excellent way to convert people into customers.

Three ways generate leads for their white label SEO reseller program through videos

Create an explainer video

Explainer videos help brands put their best foot forward to their potential clients. The most (fabulous explainer videos, please don’t link to others) are polished and professionally made. Brands devote resources to employ actors or even high-res graphic to achieve their brand’s look and feel of their video.

Creativity is also a bonus in explainer videos. You can’t produce a run of the mill video and expect people to flock your business. By making an effort to be unique and compelling, you can grab the attention of your target audience much easier.

Lastly, it covers everything that people need to know about the brand to help them make an informed decision.’s explainer video covers all points above. Instead of the usual graphic-based video, create a stop-motion video that’s different from the rest. The script elaborates what their white label SEO reseller program is about, which is everything you can ask for from an explainer video.

Below are key points you need to consider when creating an explainer video with the goal of generating leads for your services:

  • Feature a clear CTA in the video – Mobilize your audience into action by including a call to action at the end of the video or part of the description (if uploaded on Youtube). The idea is for viewers to do something after watching the video.
  • Showcase testimonials – Testimonials serve as social proof as to how effective your business is. Therefore, ask your customers for positive reviews about your services that you can include in the video. They can tip the scales and help convince your leads to sign up for your offer.
  • Promote! – You need to let people know more about your video. Feature it on your site’s homepage or share it on social media. You can even launch a Facebook Ad campaign to help maximize the results.

Produce product onboarding videos

The explainer video is just the hook that used to make people sign up for their SEO reseller services. To help users better understand how their program works, it released a series of videos about using the platform.

The video is a webinar that discusses how to find clients and sell your web design services using The hosts talked about the different approaches on searching and qualifying leads and how to approach each of them to achieve your desired results.

While this video is in essence a webinar, it can be considered as an onboarding video as it gives attendees and users of the tool a taste a holistic view on how to use to maximum effect.

Onboarding videos such as this one give people a bird’s eye view of the product without having to register for an account. If the explainer video wasn’t enough for them, then these should help them see what they’re missing out.

If you’re looking to create effective onboarding videos for your business, below are practices that you need to observe for maximum effect:

  • Make short but sweet videos – Instead of covering how to use the tool in one lengthy video, it’s best to break it down into different topics and shorter videos. Doing so makes it easier for users to find handy information on how to use your product.
  • Get help from subject matter experts – If somebody discusses the product on your onboarding video series, make sure it’s someone who knows the product from the inside and out. The expert is responsible for explaining your product or service to customers in layman’s terms without downplaying the value of your business.
  • Focus on your strengths – Since you want to help people achieve their goals using your tool, you need to showcase what makes it unique. Explain the features that people will find useful in your product and bring up different use-cases for them.

Hold webinars

One of the best ways to leverage video content to generate more leads is through webinars. is fully aware of this fact, which is why they’ve held numerous webinars throughout the years. Below is a webinar about selling local SEO services to clients:

Unlike the other video types above, webinars take place in real-time in front of attendees composed of current clients and leads. The goal of the webinar is to help attendees with actionable tips about the topic using their platform. succeeded by breaking down the subject into factors that attendees understand – even those without SEO experience. At the end of the webinar, your clients should have a better idea of using your platform and help you become confident in reselling SEO services. More importantly, it should efficiently close leads into clients.

When launching a webinar like, you need to understand a couple of things:

  • Outline your talking points – Structure your webinar using critical points as anchors to your discussion.
  • Sticking to your talking points allow you to focus on what you need to say and how to say it. Your outline should also help attendees to follow your train of thought and improve the flow of ideas.
  • (Find a steady internet connection – You don’t want an intermittent internet connection to affect the webinar. As the host, this is unacceptable. You need to hold your webinar in a place with secure and reliable online connection. Also, prepare for backup internet if necessary to ensure that the webinar proceeds as planned.)
  • Get attendees to participate – Feel free to stop in between points to ask attendees questions. This also gives them time to process the information. Finally, you can provide them with time at the end of the webinar if they have questions and clarifications about what you said.


Videos pack a punch unlike any other content type out there. Visually stunning and filled with useful information, it’s no question why a brand like used it to boost their business and generate more leads. However, there are many additional ways in which you can generate leads. Consider reaching out to the best lead generation company which can help you in creating your custom strategy that will bring the best results.

As mentioned, the tips here apply to all types of businesses and brands. You don’t need to offer SEO reseller services to use videos. However, is a prime example of how to use videos for lead generation the right way.



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