How to Get Started Using Presets in Adobe Lightroom


Hi everyone, and welcome to Tubetorial. I’m Lorraine Nepomuceno.

Today I want to show you how to get started using presets in Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is an application that helps you manage all your digital images and do post-production work on them. It’s simple to use, and can be used by everyone from beginning photographers to professional ones. It’s certainly one of my favorite programs- and one of the main reasons is it’s Presets feature. So let’s get started:

I’ve started up Lightroom- and the first thing I want to do is import my photo. This is easy- I click the IMPORT button, and find my photo… here in the Pictures folder- and it’s now in the Lightroom LIBRARY. This is a photo the apple pie I baked- the same one I used in the watermarking tutorial.

As you can see, I can actually make a few changes to the photo right here in the LIBRARY area- I could “auto White Balance” it, for example- but I won’t be doing that today. I’ll go right into the DEVELOP area.

The DEVELOP area is where you’ll be doing most of your post-production work on your photos… and this is where you’ll find your PRESETS- right here in the bottom left area of the screen.

As I roll my mouse over each Preset, you can see the changes that’ll be applied to the photo right here in the preview area. First I’ll click on Auto-Tone, and it’s a subtle change, but the photo definitely looks better. I also want it to be a bit more vibrant, so I’ll use “punch”.

Now, these are the built-in Lightroom presets- but you can see that I have a lot more presets that I downloaded for free from different places online. I’ll list links to some of these places below.

Once the photo looks good to me, all I need to do now is export it to wherever I want… and that’s it.

Lightroom presets are a lot of fun to use, and they can really make a difference with your photos. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Tubetorial. For more video tutorials, please visit us at

Where to Download Free Lightroom Presets:


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