Spice Up Your Web Page Text With Inline Tags

HTML 101: How to Create Web Pages With HTMLEpisode Four

Now that we know how to format blocks of text on a web page, we need to be able to spice up the appearance of our words with inline HTML tags. In this video you’ll learn how to:

  • Change font sizes
  • Italicize and bold text
  • Create subscripts and superscripts
  • Insert line breaks
  • Allow for acronym displays
  • Get an introduction to tag attributes

Flash video: 9:00 in duration

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  1. Thanks Mikedawg 🙂 . Glad you liked it. Have you seen the other 3? I’m curious to know if people are actually creating the folder and files and following along, or just watching and learning without actually doing all the steps. Let me know.


  2. I don’t do my own coding, so I might not be a good example.

    One of my coder-daughters watched with me and she didn’t do the steps either.

    If I were the type to do my own, I still wouldn’t do the steps, since I know you’re going to do them and show me the outcome.

    Kinda human nature to allow someone else to do all the work while we watch.

    I’m glad you’re doing them though. I actually learned something new with the sub-sup thang.

  3. Awesome, Griffin. I’m glad you found us. Please follow the other videos, too, and let me know if you have any problems with any of the steps.


  4. They Are verrrryyy good sir!
    I saw all of them also created the folders and stuff.
    Do you have a YouTube account by any chance , I’d love to see more tutorials by you!