4 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Productivity With TweetDeck

In this video, you’ll learn 4 ways to improve your Twitter productivity using TweetDeck, a desktop application.

Rough Transcript

Hi, welcome to Tubetorial. This is Dee Barizo.

If you’ve been in the internet marketing game for a while, you’ve probably heard of Twitter. This little web app has taken the internet marketing world by storm. Many people are hailing it as one of the best marketing tools ever.

Anyways, today I want to show you a tool that makes Twitter even more powerful. It’s called TweetDeck.

You’ve probably seen tweets that say “from TweetDeck”. Many people are using TweetDeck to use Twitter more efficiently.

To use TweetDeck, just go to tweetdeck.com and you’ll find a file that will install it for you.

Once you’ve got TweetDeck installed, here are four ways it can improve your Twitter productivity as well as making Twitter even more fun to use.

First, TweetDeck lets you set up multiple columns instead of just the one column Twitter has.

These multiple columns allow you to organize your Twitter content in an efficient manner. You may have heard that using multiple monitors improves productivity. That phenomenon is similar to using the multiple columns on TweetDeck.

So, what kind of things can you put in columns?

You can put the people that you follow into groups and then give those groups their own column. You can have a column of the replies people send to you. You can have a column with the tweets of all your friends. You can have a column of your direct messages. You can even have a column of a search term.

Second, TweetDeck allows you to retweet with just one click. No more having to copy and paste.

Third, TweetDeck allows you to quickly shorten URLs. Before TweetDeck, I often had to go to a URL shortening site to make my tweets shorter than 140 characters but TweetDeck lets me skip that step.

Finally, TweetDeck lets you follow other Twitter members without having to go on their profiles and wait for those web pages to load.

Hope you enjoyed this episode. If you use TweetDeck, let us know your experience. For more internet marketing videos, check out Tubetorial.com.



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  1. Some nice beginner tips, but it seems a little lengthy (7:26) for such rudimentary advice. Was hoping for something a little more in-depth and substantial.

  2. Thanks Dee for this great tutorial. I was considering switching from Twirl to Tweetdeck, but needed to “see it in action” before I was convinced. I can see the advantages. Your presentation made the features clear to me.

  3. @Jaremy
    Thanks for the feedback. I was surprised when the video was so long. I’ll work on creating a more streamlined script.

    @Brenda and Amanda