Indirect SEO: How to Leverage Sites That Rank Well on Google

This short video shows you how to leverage sites that have good rankings on Google.

Rough Transcript

Hi, welcome to another episode of Tubetorial. I’m Dee Barizo.

Today, we’ll look at an SEO strategy, I call “indirect SEO”.

Indirect SEO is leveraging sites that rank well on Google. Basically, you create content and optimize it for keywords. However, you don’t place the content on your site. Instead, you find a site that ranks well on Google and have them publish it. You get traffic by inserting a link that points back to your site in your content .

I like to use this strategy on my new sites since it usually takes new sites a couple months before they rank for good keywords and get a lot of traffic from Google.

To show you how this strategy works, let’s look at a couple examples.

Here is a search on Google for 1984 audio book. My article on is on the front page. I’ve gotten a little bit of traffic – just over 1000 page views. Because of this article, about 350 visitors visited my Squidoo lens, where I sold some affiliate products. Usually, I link back to my own site but I wanted to test out Squidoo.

350 visitors may not seem like a lot but if you publish a lot of articles, those visitors add up. Also, I’ve had articles that have gotten a lot more traffic. However, I didn’t want to share those articles as someone might copy my keywords and rank above my article.

Let’s look at another example.

Here is a search on Google for magic the gathering faeries. This is a popular keyword phrase. I barely did any promotion for the video. Yet it has received over 7,000 views because of its top ranking. A couple people have clicked on this link back to my blog. I would’ve gotten more traffic but I forgot to include the URL to my site in the video. and YouTube are just two sites that have great rankings. I used them as examples since they accept content in just about any topic.

If you search around in your industry, you’ll probably find a site that ranks well and accepts content. For example, accepts content about tabletop gaming while accepts content about sports.

Also, you can guest post on a popular blog in your industry. Popular blogs usually have good rankings on Google.

Finally, here are some practical SEO tips to help your content rank well.

Put keyword in the title as I’ve done in my YouTube video.

If you’re writing an artcle, add the keyword in the body text every 100-250 words.

Search experts advise webmasters to use keyword tools like Google AdWords: Keyword Tool. These tools can definitely help but many of the keywords they recommend are too competitive.

In addition to using these tools, I recommend just doing some trial and error. Think of keywords people might use to find your site and target those. Then, when you find a keyword that sends traffic, target other keywords related to that keyword.

Well, that’s all for this episode. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time. Until then, you can find other internet marketing videos at



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  1. Thanks for the valuable information, I will definitely keep this in mind, by the way is it good to focus on three to four keywords first rather than having a lot of keywords?..

  2. I think it’s better to focus on a few keywords and then move on to other keywords as you rank for those first few keywords.

  3. Dee,

    Great tutorials. What software do you use as your screen recorder? The quality of your recordings are higher than others I’ve seen.


  4. Very good topic. Ezine and Youtube truly are some of the best sites for this. I can’t wait to get some vids online myself. I just need to get my site revamped first. Thanks.

  5. This is new for me! Didn`t hear before. The keyword Tool is not working good enough for me! If you have 2 or more countries with the same language you can`t make a good difference between the keywords.

  6. Hi Dee Barizo thanks for the great article. I am doing this for my clients and trying this also. I found blogs are doing very well. What you have done is great and i know you will be getting great results for your clients.

    Well done:-) Top Advice *****

    MD Monkeyfishmarketing

  7. thanks for the update guys really good to see that other people find good blog info from all over the world. I see .de mmmmm ill check see if you get a back link from the .com blog.

    carry on the great work with your client’s

  8. Nice video, helpful informations – i’ll try to realize some points.
    So, thanks a lot so far – i’ll be back right here very soon …..!

  9. Hi Mick

    Great to see you are still OK, hope all the family is good, be great to hear from you.

    Tony……..From Harlington.