The Traffic Advantage of the Information Product Publisher

7 Steps to Creating and Selling Niche Information Products — Episode Eight

In this concluding video of the series, we’ll explore ways to get traffic to sell your ebook or other information product. The great thing about becoming an info product publisher is the ability to get other people to develop traffic and sell for you. Making sure your product and sales copy appeal to top affiliate marketers is just as important as appealing to your target market.

You’ll learn:

  • How soon to start a blog to sell your info product.
  • Why affiliates can empower your information business model.
  • The web-based source for affiliate tracking, payment processing, affiliate payments and tax management.
  • How to build an instant affiliate sales force with Clickbank.
  • Why strategic joint venture partnerships with high-traffic sites are smart.

Flash video: 5:08 in duration

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  1. This is amazing content! Just wanted to mention you spelled ‘Strategic’ wrong when talking about joint ventures.

  2. Brian – fantastic video. I’m currently writing an eBook for my blog and I’ll be linking my readers back here to watch your videos as their first exercise.

  3. great content and video brian what woud you say is the best road to take if you are only starting out i have been looking for a while now but you get that much information coming at you it impossible to know which way to turn will be waiting for the next set of videos thanks patrick

  4. Brian, great series! Keep them coming! I also just read your new teaching sells report which was really helpful (Promoted by ProBlogger).

    You mentioned selling information products is where the bulk of your revenue comes from. Perry Marshall’s site was nicely done but I’d be interested in seeing a couple of your sites to study how you’ve implemented them.

  5. As I’ve posted before, this video series really finally clarified a lot for me. I’m sure I’ll watch them over and over. Is there any possibility of getting a copy of your Mind Map that you display in the video?

  6. Our website is going through a slight overhaul and I am producing more podcasts lately. I started researching ebooks & audio products and came across your site. I am very impressed with your content. There are many people claiming to offer great content for free but you are one of the very few who actually delivered. I listened to everyone tutorial in this series.
    Thank You it was incredibly helpful.