Your Information Business Model (Part Two)

7 Steps to Creating and Selling Niche Information Products — Episode Three

In this episode we take a growth trend and do keyword reasearch to find a potential topic for an information product, and after researching the topic perform a prospective buyer survey using Google AdWords and the Ask Database.

And don’t miss a live demonstration of why you should never trust the results from the free Yahoo/Overture Keyword Selection Tool.

Flash video: 9:24 in duration

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  1. Great link to WordTracker’s comparison with Overture’s Tool.

    There’s still more ( even better ) tools that I use, that are based in the offline world of direct marketing, that are even better indicators of a market’s potential profitability.

    I’m working on a product ( interviewing an expert ) to market that knowledge to bloggers and hopefully it will help them become better marketers.

    Pretty good video and I’m really looking forward to the next one.