Your Information Business Model (Part One)

7 Steps to Creating and Selling Niche Information Products — Episode Two

Before you can hit the beach and waste away the rest of your days in Margaritaville, you’ll need to make sure you choose a profitable information product model that overcomes that tough “first sale, no trust” syndrome. Here’s the three general categories of information business models (with examples) so you’ll be ready for the keyword and survey case study that’s coming up next.

Flash video: 2:45 in duration

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  1. Well, the now two parts of this step were originally supposed to be one video, but it started to run much longer than we think is feasible. So I broke it up at the only logical point.

    What do you think? Shorter vids like this, or is longer (like 8:00 minutes) ok?

  2. As long as they’re edutaining, I really won’t care if they’re 2 or 22 minutes.

    This one, at 2 minutes or so, seemed incomplete and didn’t give me the feeling that it was worth the time, so i guess, for me, they’re gonna have to be longer in duration to make me feel like I invested my time wisely.

    Just my opinion though, not to be mistaken for worthy verbal musings 🙂

  3. Show us the meat, Brian. 😉

    I’m with Mike here – 8 minutes doesn’t seem to long if you’ve got the goods (and obviously, you’ve got the goods).

    This one was a teaser – you got the ball rolling very well and then bang – cya. 🙂

  4. This is really interesting stuff, (to say the least). Never even heard of the concepts you are talking about here until a few days ago listening to a JW video. I haven’t bought any of his stuff and probably won’t,…$$$$$$$$$. Your explanation is the clearest I have heard so far and I’ve been listening to nad reading a lot of material in the past few days. Keep going. I’m listening.

  5. As long as there is a pause and a replay option – the longer the better. The information is fantastic, but I find the separate videos to be a hassle.