Looking Back at 2013: The Popular Design Trends


The year is almost over, and practically every site online has its year end, wrap up post(s). We won’t dwell too much on that point for this post, but it is worth looking back at the popular design trends in the past 12 months. While some of these trends may not last long – or may even be on their way out – there are still many things one can pick up and use in the ensuing months.

Here are several of those popular design trends.

Huge text

It’s not that there are more people who are visually impaired going online (although stats might prove me wrong on this point). It’s just that larger fonts do look good. They highlight the content, and, more often than not, the practice of employing larger fonts is complemented by simplier design that does away with clutter. Yup, this design trend should not go away anytime soon.

Full screen apps

Another design trend that puts the content in the limelight: full screen web apps. Instead of limiting apps to small windows, it seems that many web sites have gone beyond their limits, literally. You need not look any further for an example – just check out Gmail. This may not seem such a big deal, but if you’ve got a 17-inch screen or larger, then you’ll love all that screen real estate dedicated to what matters. Even blogs can easily go full screen with the right theme. Pro tip: Check out WPThemes.org for an array of choices.

Parallax effect

This one’s a no brainer. While the average person might have only experienced parallax to the max thanks to iOS 7, this trend has been around for a while, but now, everyone and their mom seems to use it. I am ambivalent about this trend. Parallax does have its use, but I fear that it is being wrung dry; or rather, readers are being wrung dry because of the dizzying effect.

Popup calls to action

I dislike this. I really do. I don’t like overlays which force me to make an additional click. Then again, all the bigwigs are doing this. Forbes even!


This is one design trend that’s fun. Yeah, some GIFs can be irritating, and overusing them on a page is even worse; but, done the right way, with the right timing, GIFs are simply awesome!



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