Uncover Hidden Niches and Keywords by Analyzing the Competition

5 Steps to Making Money From Keyword Research — Episode Two

In this video you’ll discover an amazing way to gather competitive intelligence on AdWords advertisers with Keyword Elite. Not only will you be able to identify which keyword bids are profitable and at what price, you’ll also find high-paying AdSense keywords to target for your blog or website by discovering how much people are bidding at Google.

  • Uncover high paying Adsense keywords.
  • Find low cost advertising keywords you can exploit via Adwords.
  • Analyze your Pay Per Click competition deeper than anyone thought possible.

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  1. This post wasn’t that helpful? can you hit me up and tell me how to analyze my adwords competitors given a specific keyword? Thanks I have followed the comments I will come back to read your response. It’s for my design agency company*!