PSD2HTML – Communication Matters

PSD2HTML LogoThere are many reasons why you would want to go ahead an use a service that can quickly and professionally convert your photoshop files into xhtml and css that you can use.

Even though I know how to code a Photoshop file into a coded template, it can take me too long, or I can get hung up on making it work on the variety of different browsers out in the world. PSD2HTML makes getting my code easy.

The best thing though is the communication. I have tried many freelancers, and many other services only to find myself sitting with an uncompleted job when I really needed the results.

Communication is key and that is one thing I can’t help but throw tons of praise towards PSD2HTML.

They have a special area where clients are able to watch over their order, as well as submit feedback and communicate with their various departments. It logs all the communication, making it easy to go back and check that the folks at PSD2HTML had to say. They share the workload amongst the whole team, meaning you receive replies very quickly, and while it isn’t always the same person you talked to before, they are able to quickly look over any previous communication to get up to speed.

This is great for dealing with vacations, or any other issues that their staff may have during the process. This alone is a huge advantage as I have had a freelancer disappear mid-project and not return for a whole week. It was very frustrating, and of course there was no open communication or anyone to cover his absence.

Of course by now you are probably wondering about the time and the price and those are two important factors as well, but remember that a freelancer isn’t going to give you the same level of service or support, and PSD2HTML is very competitive in pricing compared to other similar companies in the market.

A friend of mine Jonathan Snook looked at some services a little while back, and created a great table of the different companies out there and what they offer. Of course it isn’t able to comment on the communication or support, but if you want a raw breakdown of time and money, you should check out Snook’s table of html/css services.

If you are a designer, blogger, or even a coder that has too much on your plate, I highly recommend trying PSD2HTML as their service, support, and communication is amazing. Their competitive pricing and quick turnaround just put them over the top for me, and while it may not be as cheap as using a freelancer, at least I won’t be rolling the dice on time and results.