Save On Hosting Costs With Add-On Domains

Many bloggers and website owners manage more than one site, all hosted on their own hosting package. Instead of buying every time a new hosting package, you can easily save on your hosting costs with add-on domains. Most webhosters today offer 2 packages, the standard package with only one domain, or a more advanced package which allows you to host several sites within the same package. Most of times opting for the more advanced package will be much cheaper than buying several hosting packages, one for every domain.

In this tubetorial we’ll show you how to set up more than one domain on your webspace, using CPanel

Flash video: 4:27 in duration

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Tubetorial made by Michael Pick, a professional screencaster, when he is not swearing at Final Cut Pro on his Mac Book Pro.



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  1. In a simple word, Fantastic.
    Thanks, Michael. Knowledge is truly the key to success.
    And using it, is the key to fullfillment.

  2. You forgot to mention that you need to add the name server entries of the hosting at your domain registrar.

  3. Excellent job. I was wondering how to do that ^_^

  4. Thank you for the reminder. I have been working with my site quite a bit over the past few days and forgot all about my add on domains. Excellent little tutorial. Thank You!

  5. Ive been working on my website over the past few days and forgot about this one little simple step. Great little tutorial thanks!

  6. Nice tutorial. But keep in mind, if your host go down it means ALL of your sites are down at the same time. So just keep this in mind. 😉

  7. Michael – THANK YOU – I just spent three days on the phone to Just Host’s so-called support service and they could not explain anything about how their domains, addon domains or sub domains work, nor how they are priced.

    You are a true educator.