How Does SEO Work And Should You Be Creating Video Content?

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Search engine optimisation or SEO as it is commonly known, is the process whereby a website is designed and implemented to assist in scoring high rankings on Google (and other) search pages. In the days when the Internet was expanding, many sites had repetitive keywords on there to get them to rank highly in search engine pages.

This made a lot of content on the Internet low quality and tedious. Lots of sites copied the content of other sites, and this created a situation where search engines began to design ways to bypass mundane websites.

As the Internet changes, so do the best practices for SEO. One of the latest developments to help boost your SEO is through the creating of video content. It is a common misconception that producing video content is expensive and time consuming. This is not the case and if you know how to do it right, video content can work wonders for your business.

Google Algorithms and Bots

In the header of a website, which isn’t generally displayed on the actual website but built into the coding, is the metadata. Google has programs called Googlebot that scour the Internet, reading each and every web page created every 24-48 hours, and indexing sites. The bots look over the metadata, which contains key information about the site.

It then compares the site content with the metadata, looking for quality, relevance, number of links from other sites and also whether or not the site has been reviewed. The bots calculate site rankings according to the algorithms that decide how the site scores against certain criteria.

Website Criteria Explained

The formula for quality evaluation of a website is complex. Anyone who wants to rank high on the search engines should have a strong grasp on how to implement it. Backlinking is a process whereby the content of a website is cited by other websites, thereby increasing the credibility ranking of a site.

Other blog writers may use the information on a site, and if a site is viewed as authoritative on a particular topic, it will rank highly. Quality of content is therefore critical to improving search rankings.

Many site owners outsource content creation to professional writers. When quality content is created, it is often shared on social media, creating a strong interest in a particular site. A reliable SEO company can be utilised to perform all of these tasks.

Social Media Enhances Search Engine Rankings

When worthy content is distributed over the Internet, this organically creates backlinking. This distribution occurs when subscribers to social media pages and other groups portion out their interests, and it can create a lot of attention in engaging content. The bots that comb through the massive World Wide Web accumulate links that are shared, and this contributes to site rankings.

The bots will also review ratings given by customers on a website or company. This determines the level of trust that the public appends to a particular company. The better the reviews, the better the rankings.

Social media is a great place to showcase your video content. Create versatility in your social media posts by posting pictures and videos. Videos are becoming more and more commonplace on social media and it is a known fact that users are more likely to engage with videos compared to that of the stock standard posts.

How Keywords Can Work To Improve Search Engine Rankings

Keywords were in their heyday the way that websites received a placement in the displays on the results pages of Google and other search engines. Keyword stuffing was common, and this made content bland and soporific. This blight on the Internet, while it lasted, made dodgy site owners a lot of money.

They were able to earn a lot of money from businesses such as affiliate sites. The better and more authoritative content, written by professionally trained writers was left out of the search pages due to the keyword stuffed tedium.

The Information Technology Industry Upholds Professional Standards

The response from industry professionals who design Internet pages and who create software was to seriously review how they programmed the artificial intelligence bots that picked through the World Wide Web. After a lot of research and improvement, feedback from focus groups and the general public internationally, Google and other search engines improved their search criteria.

Quality became imperative. Other scores such as readability were integrated into the assessment, and items such as grammar, punctuation and leverage of the content. An SEO company is an example of the IT industry creating ways to improve professionalism across the Internet.

The Future of SEO – Video Content

As the Internet grows, is now ubiquitous, and more people share content via social media and mobile devices, other considerations will be built into future rank scores. Some companies have abandoned the traditional website in favour of a simple Facebook page, and this suits the very small service provider who already has a following.

For other companies who are very serious about developing a large audience (and potential customers) the website is the backbone of the modern marketing campaign. More companies are creating professional media channels via YouTube, hiring specialist Social Media Managers and Graphic Artists, and also creating fans via giving away merchandise and free apps for clients to receive.

Those who invest in new types of media such as the video channel and additional digital media products will be ahead of other websites that don’t utilise such tools. Google already assesses links via these types of sources, and is integrating them into future ranking methods.

SEO is really at its foundation about developing an audience, and engaging them with high quality content, and it being relevant to the way that people are now interacting with one another. The public are demanding these digital commodities as a way of life, and being adept at creating them will ensure that a company maintains a high ranking.

Business is competitive, and staying ahead of competition nowadays is about a foundation of good customer service. It’s an old concept, just expressed differently in the digital age. For the business owner, hiring an SEO company will simplify the management of the complexity of modern search engine heuristics.

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