Ten Blogs Every Blogger Should Read

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Blogs and websites can grow stale, and when that happens the quality drops and readers start to disappear. When this happens it might be time for your website or blog to undergo some spring cleaning. Sometimes the site just needs a few touch-ups like a new theme or some fresh content, other times you need to plan for a complete pivot in what you are doing with your blog.

If you feel like your blog has been suffering and it isn’t as fun, or as profitable, as it once was then maybe you need to start reaching out to the experts for help. No, this doesn’t mean you have to pour hundreds or thousands of dollars into a blog coaching class; sometimes you can find some great help and inspiration from the words of other bloggers. Here are ten sites that offer enough content to help any blogger from falling into a rut.


Copyblogger is one of the most respected blogs about blogging. It is equally recommended for both new and experienced bloggers if they are looking to hone their blogging skills. The blog is the creation of Brian Clark, one of the top content writing gurus in the field. For the readers’ convenience, Copyblogger provides a separate list of its most popular entries. This is a must-read for every blogger.


ProBlogger is another landmark blog about blogging by Darren Rowse. It is a treasure trove for novices to the world of blogging. It provides excellent information about content creation, writing skills, marketing and promoting your blog, and make money through blogging. Every blog post at ProBlogger delivers something of value for an average blogger.

Daily Blog Tips

This blog by Daniel Scocco is another popular must-read blog about blogging. It provides interesting and useful tips about how to become a successful blogger. It includes the latest ideas and tips about content creation, link building, and making money off your blog. The Resources section of the blog is very useful for many new bloggers.

Men with Pens

A woman who operated under a pseudonym James Chartrand actually founded the Men with Pens blog.  Since then, Men with Pens has grown into a commercial success, but blogging still constitutes the heart of the website. It provides daily insights from people working on great websites.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s blog posts are unscheduled, but continue to pour in with regularity. The posts are usually shorter than a typical blog post, but they include powerful content. Bloggers can learn a lot from his thoughts and ideas on communication, business, and marketing.


Chris Garrett’s blog is great for bloggers looking to use it as a medium to make money. The blog has a singular focus on blogging, Internet marketing, and social media promotion.


As the CEO of Human Business Works, Chris Brogan doesn’t limit his blog to blogging or creating content, he talks about how you can grow your business. An essential site to read for anyone who’s blog is an integral part of their business, or is their business.

The Simple Dollar

This blog by Trent Hamm centers around a financial theme. One of the interesting features of The Simple Dollar is its “Readers’ Mailbag” column. In this column, Trent offers free email advice to a large number of readers who ask him financial questions.


This blog is the creation of author and screenwriter Larry Brooks. The blog includes plenty of interesting writing tips for bloggers and aspiring authors. It prepares you for the world of publishing and blogging.

Zen Habits

Zen Habits by Leo Babauta offers unique blog posts that have the potential to inspire you in the same way it does for many other bloggers. The soothing and comforting style of the blog is something that many new bloggers may like to learn from.

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