Three Fun Twitter Plug-Ins for WordPress, Part III: NewsTweet

Hi everyone, and welcome to Tubetorial. I’m Lorraine Nepomuceno.

This is the third and final episode in our series of fun Twitter Plug-Ins for WordPress.

The plugin we’re featuring today is called NewsTweet, and what it is is basically a sidebar widget for your blog that automatically searches through Tweets on Twitter for search terms you specify, and displays them. This is nice for news-related blogs, and should work well especially for niches.

For example, I’m installing this plugin on my Bakeshop Blog- just as a fun option for my readers. If they’re reading my blog, they’re probably interested in cupcakes, so that’s what I’ll set the plugin to search for.

Once I’ve uploaded the plugin, I’ll go into my WordPress dashboard and activate it.

Here’s my blog, and I want to put the widget in my sidebar, over here.

So I go back, into the Widgets area of my WordPress dashboard- and, see, there’s an available Widget called “NewsTweet”. I’ll drag that over here, and set my options- let’s call it Tweets on Cupcakes, and in the search term box… “cupcakes”… I’ll set the number of tweets to 5, and save… and now let’s see what happens.

And here it is, a little widget on my sidebar that displays all the latest tweets on Twitter that have anything to do with cupcakes.

It’s a fun little thing, yes- but I’m sure you can think of a lot of other ways to utilize this plugin’s features. For example, businesses could use it to automatically display tweets about themselves, and so on. It’s really simple to install and use- which, I think, are key elements to a great WordPress plugin.

Download the NewsTweet WordPress Plugin ›

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Tubetorial. For more video tutorials, please visit us at



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  1. I’m a huge fan of having Twitter auto post content from my blog but I’ve often found the plugins a little lacking. Recently, I took down my Twitter plugins and switched to instead, it works by signing up and connecting your RSS feeds (websites, facebook, flickr ..) to the service then connecting the service to Twitter.