Top Do’s and Don’ts while using Youtube for Business

youtube for business

In this digital age, businesses must be active online to reach their target audience and attract more potential customers. This means establishing an online presence by creating a website and accounts on the various social networking sites. But while Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram are the most popular social media sites today, businesses should not take for granted YouTube.

Videos have proven to be very powerful marketing tools and YouTube is the best platform to use for sharing videos that promote your products or services. Take note that more than one billion people visit the site every month and more than six billion hours of video are being watched each month. These figures are clear proof of the effectiveness of YouTube in getting the word out about your business offerings.

What to Do

Creating a YouTube channel is the very first thing that you need to do. This must have a title and description to let people know what it’s all about.

Make sure to create quality content with the appropriate title and description as well. Do include keywords and phrases in your video title and description. Titles should be interesting and attention-grabbing to ensure that they are ranked well by Google. Be creative and specific. Longer descriptions such as what’s been done on anyoption’s YouTube channel is also possible.

Also, choose the right category and tags. Currently, there are 15 categories available while for tags, you can add dozens of relevant ones. YouTube actually suggests tags via a dropdown menu hence, it’s a good idea to use them as well.

Keep your videos short and interesting so as not to discourage visitors. Videos can feature a slideshow of images or slides of your presentations with voiceover. It is important that while people are viewing your video, a voiceover is explaining what’s being shown. You may also add an instrumental music as your background.

Be careful about the audio quality of your video particularly if you are recording outdoors. It would be best to do some short recording tests first to find out the result. When it comes to doing voiceover, always make sure that you are speaking clearly so viewers can easily understand the message your are trying to convey.

In terms of content, you may create video tutorials in addition to presentations about your products or services. Anyoption has been doing this to educate its followers about online trading. Initially, the tutorial can be about how to use your product or how to avail of your service then moving forward, you can focus on other relevant topics that will teach people how to do certain things or solve certain issues. Basically, businesses should focus on three major types of content – the educational type, inspirational and community-building content.

Once you have uploaded your videos, make sure to share them on various social networking sites. Remind your viewers as well as like and share your videos to attract more people. In addition, you may choose to make a few of them as “featured” which should encourage your visitors to view your future videos.

What Not to Do

When it comes to recording, avoid doing it in one take as it can delay everything. Instead, record in segments to make your work faster and editing easier. Do make it a point as well to get to the content of your video right away to keep your audience glued to it. Introduce yourself and your business and what you’re going to do in the first 10 to 20 seconds.

Do not keep your channel and videos private. Make them public so that anyone visiting YouTube can view them. You may, however, set it on private if you’re still editing your video.

Finally, do not just ignore the comments posted on your videos. Do find time to keep track of them and respond to every comment as soon as possible. In fact, it would be best to personalize your replies to each visitor.