Tubetorial Quick Tips – Mindmapping a To-Do List

Mindmapping can be used for numerous purposes including brainstorming, organizing keyword lists, managing projects, and various other planning and productivity tasks. They’re also useful for complex to-do lists, especially if your tasks have some hierarchy.

Now, as I mention in the video at the bottom of this post, a simple paper-based mindmap is usually more than enough for the average to-do list. Sometimes it’s overkill. But for the type of to-do lists I have, such as for my full-time blogging tasks, I find it useful to plot out a week or more. Where digital mindmaps are really useful, however, is that you can cut and paste URLs, snippets of text, images, and even add notes or hyperlink map nodes to other applications.

The video is only intended for those who have never used mindmaps before, or have recently started but haven’t used them for to-do lists. In a later tubetorial, I’ll show an example of hyperlinking map nodes.