What Types of Content are Best for SEO?

types of SEO friendly web content

Google is very particular about quality content being shared on the internet. It puts great value on original and relevant content that is useful to people and that which they can apply in their daily lives.

This being the case, publishers and business owners need to come up with valuable content on a consistent basis. They have to be search-engine friendly so your website or blog lands in the top search results.

There are actually different types of content that can help you attract search engines. You can use a combination of these and make sure you regularly update your site to provide fresh content for your followers.

Blog Posts

Articles published on blogs are known as blog posts. These could be new and posted on a regular basis or the old ones could also be rehashed and updated.

Do optimize your blog post for on-page SEO. Include keywords in your title and url if necesary but remember not to force or overdo them.

They need to fit in naturally. As for the title and URL, keep them short as much as possible. A title or headline should at least have under 65 characters.

The meta description part is also very important as it is the one that provides a short summary of your post on the search results pages. Ideally, this needs to be between 150 to 160 characters.

Don’t forget the tags as well. They have to be specific and should describe your blog post. You can add from 10 to 20 tags that best describe the main points of your blog post.

Meanwhile, the formatting of your content also matters. How organized your text and images are on your SEO-friendly Drupal themes make a huge difference in keeping the interest of your readers. Initially, you can use different formatting to determine what your readers want then once you get a clearer picture, stick to the one that your audience prefers.


Photos add to the overall appeal of a blog post hence, should be included. One or two of them in every article would be fine.

Choose images that are of top quality, appealing and relevant to your post. Take note that content with relevant images receive 94 percent more views compared to those with no photos.

In addition to pictures, infographics are also very helpful and very popular these days. They are able to visualize the data you are sharing to help your readers better understand the message you want to convey.


Videos are also great to add to a website or blog as they can make your site stand out from the rest. It can be included in a blog post as well as long as it is relevant to the article. In fact, Cisco believes video will account for 69 percent of all consumer traffic this year.

A video is normally best embedded on a particular page or blog post. To embed a YouTube video, just look for the Embed link below the video title beside the Share link then copy and paste it in your web page or article using the HTML source. Another way to do it is to embed a YouTube subscribe channel widget on your site to promote your video content and activity on YouTube.

Video marketing today is very affordable. With various video cameras available these days such as those on mobile phones, laptops and the wearable cameras like GoPros, creating videos does not cost so much compared to that in the past. If you’re just starting out in this aspect, you can always start small and improve on your content as you go along and learn more about using the platform.