Using Online Reputation Management to Boost Internet Traffic


Online Reputation Management is a comparatively new concept, but it is undeniable that it is one of the most significant factors affecting the inflow of revenue. Your success or failure is dependent a lot on faith and goodwill that you are able to generate among your clients, and Online Reputation Management ensures that your brand name is maintained as well as the inflow of revenue.

Reputation management is the methodology by which individual companies comprehend, act and check the negative comments, feedback and publications pertaining to their product and services inside the web space. ORM is handling negativity by turning the focus of the audience towards the positives of the company and increasing visibility in the search engines.

How your Reputation may be Tarnished

The online market is extremely volatile, and it does not take much effort to tarnish your name out of any purpose. Just writing some articles against your name and posting it in the different directories- this all that they have to do! Your close competitors may launch smear campaigns that can only leave your name stained without any reason.

Again your competitor can insert derogatory keywords like “Be Careful of this Fraud” in ads and post them in the front page of the search engines. So, now you can yourself gauge how harmful it can be for your business.

You must be wondering what you can do to maintain your reputation. You can use the services of Online Reputation Management and many marketing companies like that can assist you in doing so. The first strategy in maintaining reputation is by asking the concerned company to remove any such remarks and threaten with dire legal action. But what happens if that fails? You must then rely on the SEO game.

How ORM Services Maintain your Online Reputation?

1. Applying SEO techniques is the best way to obliterate your competitor. ORM adds favorite comments to the next sites that come after your competitor. They also bookmark the other sites on social media networks and then uplift the third party sites above your competitor. This may sound like manipulation, but it definitely is worth if you have to keep the good names intact.

2. Adding a few good reviews to your site with captions like- “What others have to say about us” and publishing it.

3. They keep creating new updates like articles, newsletters, blogs for SEO. ORM also uses RSS feeds and this way you will be actually leaving your competitor far behind in the ranking.

4. They can build sister domains for your website. Google often allows sister domains as individual sites even though they are linked with the primary. There is no need of long pages and just ten or twelve pages that are regularly updated in the sister domain can well suffice.

5. Popular keywords, meta-tags, website design all improve your SEO and hence suitable for maintaining your online reputation.

6. Forums are good SEO tool. ORM services can create a niche Forum, create accounts from customers and maintain it. They can also make you a part of forums. For example, you sell used cars; when you Google the keyword-“Used Car Forum” you will notice that there are several forums associated to it. On your behalf, ORM participates on the most popular ones and adds a link and signature to your posts. Answering questions especially those that are tough and controversial may make your presence felt.

7. Guest Blogging is yet another tool that may make your presence felt. ORM finds out the stats (traffic visiting the site) of different blogging sites and makes you part of some of them.

These are some of the ways by which Online Reputation Management helps in building your reputation and boosting the internet traffic towards your website.



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