Easy-to-Use Video Plugins for WordPress

Videos are a very powerful tool now being tapped by individuals and companies to attract their target market. But other than posting them on top video sharing sites such as YouTube, they can also be shared on blogs and websites for greater exposure.

Visual people are often attracted to images on a site hence when they see the default image of a video, they will more likely click on it first rather than read through the text available.


When sharing videos on a blog or website, you can choose between individual video clips or display a gallery if you want to save on storage space. With a gallery, you have an option to automatically create a whole page showing videos based on a tag or selecting the videos you want to display in a unique video player.

Here are 3 popular video sharing tools worth using on your blog. A WordPress video plugin can easily be installed on a site but since there are plenty of this type available on the web today, it is recommended to do more research to find the best one that suits your needs.

Video Embed and Thumbnail Generator

This video embed and thumbnail generator goes beyond just displaying a video player on your site. It actually adds a number of fields to a video that is uploaded to the WordPress media library.

To use this plugin, simply choose your options, create thumbnails, insert into post and a shortcode will be provided in the post editor. Once these steps are done, a HTML 5 video player with Flash fallback will be displayed on your post or page. You can choose from the five types of video players available.

Another benefit when using this tool is it creates a popup video gallery in addition to the player. The size of the thumbnail and video popup can be customized via the plugin settings.


Tubepress is a very popular plugin with various features and controls. It can accommodate both YouTube and Vimeo videos.

This plugin automatically creates a gallery when you insert the proper shortcodes. You can insert videos based on a search, a playlist, a user, a user’s favorites or from the most viewed videos on YouTube.

Customization of the media player is allowed giving users more opportunity to create a video gallery most suited to their personal preference.

YouTube Simple Gallery

This plugin lets you choose the videos you want to show on your site. A big plus is you can insert the gallery into a post or a web page by using the short codes and the URLs provided. Titles and descriptions may be added as well for each video you’re sharing.

Another feature of YouTube Simple Gallery is it allows users to include a gallery into a widget.

If you would like to use YouTube as a source but do not want to show a video clip, you can still incorporate an audio file using an audio player plugin.

The Audio Tube plugin is best to use for this purpose. Take note, however, that a thin sliver of the video will be visible when the file is played. A tip is to use a solid color that does not move at the bottom part of the video so as not to distract your readers.

This plugin has options for the size you want to display on your blog and two basic color settings.



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