Hook Up With a Web Host

How to Build a Profitable Home on the Web — Episode Two

You’ve now got that great domain name, so you’ll need a place to host it along with the cool website you’ll soon be the proud owner of. That means grabbing a spot on a web server provided by a web hosting company. Relax… it’s easier than it sounds. Just watch!

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Episode Links:

  • One-click WordPress install from Colorteck!
  • Hook up with Tubetorial’s NEW web hosting company Colorteck for only $6.95 a month



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  1. Hi

    I like the style of presentation, which is both entertaining and informative.

    Future videos will be even better, I’m sure.


  2. It’s too bad that this one goes the way of an infomercial, as this series is looking to be so good. I was hoping there would be less bias, rather than blatent advertising in the tubetorial.

  3. Tim,

    For many people who are just starting out, purchasing Web hosting is oftentimes a “gotcha” experience. They aren’t anticipating $100/year for hosting, and for some, that alone is enough to cause them to back away from the purchase.

    One of the goals of this series is to explain the ins and outs of purchasing, because that is a topic that generates a lot of questions but few answers. Hopefully, thanks to the video, would-be Web entrepreneurs will be able to say, “Ahhh, if they do it, then it’s ok, and this must just be the way it is!”

    If I can offer peace of mind to those entering the Web space, then I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.

  4. Your videos are very entertaining and to the point. I love the use of clips and graphics. They make something that could be rather dull very entertaining. Thanks for making things so easy to follow. You are making this idiot proof, which is perfect.

  5. Very nicely done tubetorial. Fun clips, love the dancing dog!

    While you are showing us midPhase’s sign-up process, for the newbie, this is all they need. For others, pick your own host. The process is similar. I’d much rather get a recommendation that works (and that the site offering the recommendation uses) than a recommendation based on the one that offers the most affiliate dollars. Bravo tubetorial!

  6. Chris,

    Thanks for your response. I can understand you wanting to make it easy for those trying to figure this out for the first time, but paying for 1 year upfront is hardly the norm. I don’t want to rag on you for monatizing tubetorial, because I very much understand that, and I’m sure MidPhase is a great webhost as well. I would just recommend being a little more honest with your viewers – You recommend MidPhase because they are a sponsor/advertiser. There are 100’s of other top-quality hosts out there (and 1000’s of awful hosts, too, I know), and I think something short and simple like that would go a long way in earning some trust from your viewers.

    Still enjoying the series, though. 😉

    Tim L. Walker

  7. Tim, I’ll have to disagree with your assessment. We are recommending them because they have been my host at copyblogger.com since I started that blog, and I was initially attracted to them because of their free one-click WordPress installation.

    When we needed a more serious set-up for Tubetorial, they stepped up to the plate with great advice and service.

    We don’t recommend anyone because they are a sponsor, they *become* a sponsor because we use and enjoy their service. That has to happen first, at least around here.

  8. Hey Brian,

    I totally respect that position – if only more companies did business like that. That being said, one-click WordPress installation is available via Fantastico from a bunch of web hosts. Obviously the good treatment you’ve received from midPhase has turned out well for them as well – a reward for doing business well. Again, I’m not critisizing you using a sponsor – I just feel the video was a little biased towards the one host, regardless of how great they are and what sort of relationship you have with them.

    I’ve been enjoying tubetorial so far, and have enjoyed copyblogger for a long time.

    Keep up the great work!

  9. I agree with Tim, I mean I understand your standpoint but you can’t deny that your perspective is somewhat biased in favor of the hosting company that helps you. It’s only natural, they give you preferential treatment and in return you give them referrals (not necessarily pushing users to them, but just brand recognition and testimonial).

  10. They don’t give us preferential treatment. We pay normal rates for our hosting, just like anyone else would.

    And yes, anytime anyone prefers one thing over another, they are biased. But this bias is based on service, plain and simple.

  11. Well if you want quality host and you are serious about your business than you will pay the price of 95$. If this is too much to even newbies then your place is not in business.

  12. Hello,

    For anyone who has signed with Midphase, after you receive your Welcome Email, how long do you have to wait for the URL of MCC to work? I clicked the URL a few times but my web browser said that the server for the website was not found. I just want to access my cpanel and start working on the site. Thanks


  13. Ditto the last post – signed up – no access to the site. Did the “site builder”, which when completed told me to visit a specific page to see the design – 404 error.

  14. hi what if i don’t prefer to get a domain name on godaddy, and want to go on midphase on their free domain name will it be the same? because i think if you get domain name in godaddy and midphase is offering you free domain name you pay more but if you go on midphase and accept their domain names that are offered for free it lessen the bill you’ll pay right? or wrong?