What Bloggers Need to Know About the Law

Blogger Law 101 — Episode One

If you’re blogging, you’re now a publisher. . . congratulations! But here’s a dose of reality — publishing has always carried its share of legal liability, and getting sued (or worse) is not something you want to happen to you. Here’s an overview of the key issues you need to look out for.

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  1. As an attorney myself, let me say “Great work”. All the essential topics are there. I can’t wait for episode 2.

    BTW, another defamation case was filed over blog comments on the shoemoney blog. Back in June, a blogger was sued for defamation based on his blog posts (metadish blog).

  2. I’m just really curious whenever i make nasty comments i never use proper grammar — from a legal standpoint does it help to use proper grammar if i am going to slander someone?

  3. Joseph and Jersey Girl, thank you. 🙂

    David, Brian has told me I should watch out for you. Whatever does he mean?

    And no, bad grammar will not protect you from defamatory comments, which would actually be libel, not slander. 🙂

  4. I was actually a little concerned about copyright infringement when I was lucky enough to find this domain name available. It’s kind of close to another well known tv show/website that will go unamed at this point, though I hope to link to them in the future. Any comment on this, or is it more appropriate for me to discuss with an attorney? Look forward to more of your installments.

  5. I really need some help on what a person that started a blog is allowed to say and post… Pictures, including showing a tag number all to the world that can be traced back to a household. The other stuff on his site I am not worried about but the information that is posted that could possibly harm my household I am worried about. If I could just get a direction to look up laws about blogging. I did watch the video but I am not sure if I can wait until the next edition comes out. Thank you so much for any replies that could help me. Greatly appreciated.

  6. Good intro, especially to someone like me who is a relatively new person to blogging.

    Hope you will address the issue of content theft .. if you spend half a day writing an article – someone can nick that article in 5 seconds using copy/paste and get some of the benefit.

  7. all this information that i have personaly never thought about its nice to have it outlined to say the least it could do is save you from alot of trouble in the future