What’s the Difference Between an Average and Great Law Firm Website?

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If you take the time to discuss the topic of lead generation with top law firms in your industry, you’ll find that many of them are relying more and more on their websites to push people through client acquisition funnels. Are you? If the answer is no, it probably has something to do with the quality of your site’s design and content.

Here’s What High-Converting Law Firm Websites Get Right

Study enough law firm websites and you’ll notice that the most successful ones deviate from the average in a number of ways. Specifically, here’s what they get right:

1.Regularly Updated Blog

Let’s start with the blog, since this is usually the telltale sign of a successful law firm website. Scroll through a blog and you can tell a lot about the health and commitment of a law firm. How frequently do they publish new content? What is the content about? How is the quality of the writing?

A regularly updated blog speaks volumes about a law firm’s dedication to its website. You should be posting at least a couple of times per month, and preferably a minimum of once per week. And the content needs to be educational, not simply self-serving.

The Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm blog is a good example. Notice how the blog is regularly populated with new content (and that the content answers specific questions readers have). That’s how you do it.

Simplistic Web Design

A lot of lawyers are under the impression that the busier a website is, the better it is; however, there’s actually an inverse relationship between these two factors. Today’s most successful law firm websites prioritize simplistic web design and do away with superfluous elements that don’t add direct value to a user’s experience on the site.

The Matthews Group website provides a nice illustration of what minimalistic web design looks like in practice. Notice how the homepage only features elements that are integral to the experience. This keeps visitors focused and prevents distractions from hurting conversions. Checking out excellent website design examples from Digital Silk can help you get some inspiration for your current project.

Killer “About Us” Page

People are naturally skeptical of lawyers. As a lawyer, you know this better than most. Having said that, your website needs to be a resource that can be leveraged to humanize yourself and your firm. It should be something that forges stronger person-to-person connections – not something that looks like another advertisement.

This is where your website’s “about us” page comes into play. This section of your website needs to be a place where visitors can go to get to know you better, which is why many leading law firm websites – like the Michael Gonzalez Law Firm – are starting to use video in this area.

Effective Opt-In Forms

Finally, today’s most successful law firm websites understand how to leverage their websites as lead generation tools. It’s not just something that a person clicks on and reads an article. In order to get an actual return on your investment, you need to be collecting information on your visitors. This is as easy as inserting a simple, concise opt-in form into your website so that you can follow up with visitors.

Don’t Be Average

Law firm websites are a dime a dozen. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of firms competing for your clients and your business. If your website is average, then what does that communicate to prospective clients? It says, “Nothing to see here. We’re just like the rest. Move on.” An exceptionally well designed website, on the other hand, grabs your visitors’ attention and conveys clear value.

With as much time and energy as you’re pouring into your marketing, advertising, and networking, it would make sense to amplify your website. It’s one of the highest returning investments you have. Why be average?



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