WordPress Videoblogging The Easy Way

7 Must Have WordPress Killer Plugins: Video Sharing and Vlogging The Easy Way

Uploading and embedding a video in your entry is a rather time consuming option and often leaves you with the problem that people can comment both on your blog and at the video sharing platform.
There are thousands of different video sharing platforms out there and Youtube certainly is the most popular, most used even… but certainly also the worst main platform in a matter of video quality.

Although we, at tubetorial, have chosen for Brightcove as our platform of choice, here at tubetorial it’s all about you and how to make your life and blogging experience easier.
In this tube we are not promoting our choice, but the easiest platform FOR YOU to upload, embed and hopefully even monetize your videos. And the Revver have made an awesome WordPress plugin to make vlogging easier for you. From now on you’ll be able to manage video upload, embedding, control management and even video monetization options straight from your WP admin front end. And with Revver you can even get video comments.

Flash video: 10:58 in duration

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Another amazing video blogging plugin for WordPress is Viscript. Watch out for a Viscript tube near to you soon.

Tubetorial made by Michael Pick, a professional video editor and screencaster, when he is not swearing at Final Cut Pro on his Mac Book Pro.