YouTube Marketing Tips for a Newbie

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Marketing is a major factor to almost all businesses these days, and it is a tool, that if used properly can reap rewards tenfold.

Marketing is about conveying the correct message about your brand to potential and existing customers. The end result should be an increase in business that has been achieved through a number of well-implemented Marketing campaigns.

We have put together six really useful marketing tips for a novice on Youtube. They are easy to follow, simple to understand, and aren’t full of corporate speak.

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1. Research

One of the most undervalued aspects of marketing content for a Youtube channel is getting a firm grasp of the landscape around you. Before you start publishing your own content, you should take some time to look around at who else is currently in the same market as you, and check out what they are doing to succeed.

2. Seek Advice

Seek advice, search the internet, and check out a number of pay-per-click businesses to see where they specialise, they may be able to assist with setting up your Youtube channel.

3. Create Compelling Video

Most of us will never create a viral video with millions of views because we don’t own a piano-playing cat or a sneezing baby panda, but thankfully those aren’t required for success. In fact, most of us couldn’t handle a million new customers all at once.

Instead, you should create content that addresses your audience’s needs. Your goal should be to create videos that are helpful, valuable, and compelling to your prospective clients.

4. Link Back

“One of the best ways to turn Youtube views into traffic is by having a link back to your website at the end of your videos. Make it really easy for them by having a clickable link in your video description box.” Nathalie Lussier from

5. Use the Thumbnail Video

Make sure your video thumbnail provides the viewer with a good idea of what the video is actually about. This may sound obvious, but if you don’t share the relevant information from the outset you may aswell say goodbye to the viewer, they’ll move on to a page that does tell them lots of information.

6. Be Aware

Be fully aware that your audience is only on Youtube for a short burst of time, they dip into a number of different Youtube channels until they settle. Keep your content relevant, up-to-date, and informed. Don’t forget that you are there to increase traffic to your website, or promote a certain product, or to sell your business, so make sure you are succinct, concise and most of all interesting.



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