AWorld: the sustainability platform shaping your eco-future


Introducing AWorld, the sustainability platform in collaboration with the United Nation’sAct Now campaign that combines engaging content on sustainability issues with tools to measure and incentivise positive actions to safeguard the planet.

Born from the belief that small everyday actions can make a difference, AWorld enables users to live more consciously through their actions. It has numerous functions tailored to engage people, companies, institutions and even municipalities to play an active role in creating a greener tomorrow.

Calculate your Carbon Footprint

With a user-friendly interface, AWorld assists everyone, from individuals to large institutions, in gauging their environmental footprint. By answering simple questions, users receive a precise carbon footprint evaluation, mapped in CO2 kilograms. This assessment measures the CO2 emissions of individuals 4 main categories: transportation, food, purchases and energy consumption emissions

Benefit from Educational Content

Leveraging captivating storytelling, AWorld offers enlightening content centered on Sustainable Development Goals. From water conservation to the global food chain, users delve deep into pressing global issues. Interactive quizzes and surveys punctuate lessons, ensuring a robust grasp of crucial topics.

Follow behavioral eco-tips

The platform suggests a plethora of eco-friendly behaviors to promote a greener lifestyle. Users can record daily eco-actions, tracking their journey in saving resources like water and energy and reducing waste and CO2 emissions. This hands-on approach drives users, nourishing their commitment to sustainability.

Keep track of your savings

AWorld proudly showcases the cumulative effect of users’ eco-actions. A personalized dashboard reflects their efforts, quantifying conserved resources and emissions averted. This transparency boosts users’ confidence in their journey, inspiring continuous eco-commitments.

Participate in eco-games

Gamifying sustainability, users earn points for every eco-deed, propelling them through AWorld’s levels. This fun twist keeps users engaged, increasing their dedication to eco-habits.

Leverage the Power of Community

AWorld uses the power of community to drive positive behavioral change. Climate action can be a lonely journey and people love to learn from each other. Create your team to leverage and harness the power of your community to drive climate action

Stimulate Positive Competition with Challenges

Who doesn’t like a challenge. AWorld proposes individual and community challenges to drive competition among peers. The gamified experience uses leaderboards and rewards to activate and engage your community for maximum impact.

Benefit from Sustainability Reporting

AWorld offers companies detailed reporting, highlighting CO2 savings, participant engagement, and alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals. This report can be used in your sustainability reporting in accordance with the standards required by ESG rating agencies and NetZero strategies.

AWorld is a platform to build and maintain a Culture of Sustainability. By tapping into our collective power to make real value-based change, AWorld empowers stakeholders and individuals alike to take climate action and create a better world for future generations.

The AWorld platform guides, empowers and educates on climate change to make climate action second nature.

Get started and join the AWorld community today, because together is how we win.

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