Exclusive QA with FinTech Titan, Chad Otar

Chad Otar Lending Valley

Check out this exclusive interview with FinTech titan, Chad Otar right here. He shares his successes managing Lending Valley, Inc, online marketing tools, and more.

Tell Us About You, Your Career, and How You Founded Lending Valley.

Chad Otar: After battling cancer three times, I wanted to turn my struggle into something positive, so I wrote a book, Surviving Cancer, to give hope to others in my situation and donate to cancer research. 

My career in finance began in 2007. I secured a position at American Allied Funding and remained until 2012 when I moved to Capital Stack.

In 2013, I became CEO of Excel Capital Management and increased their revenue by 430% over four years.

When 2019 rolled around, I decided to start my own company, Lending Valley, Inc. So, with help from a few trusted mentors, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and here we are!

Do You Have Small Habits That Made a Meaningful Impact on Your Life and Business?

Chad Otar: Practicing gratitude. As anybody who has suffered adversity will understand, being grateful for the good parts truly makes a difference. I’ve carried this attitude into my working life, which made me keep pushing even when things were challenging.

How Does Lending Valley Market Its Loan Products and Financial Services Online?

Chad Otar: These days, we rank highly on Google for various loan-based keywords, so a lot of our marketing is done organically through consistent posting and educational content. And, of course, interviews like this are always great for spreading the word. 

What Specific Tools, Software, and Management Skills Are You Using to Manage Your Online Marketing?

Chad Otar: We use Monday.com to ensure everything (including online marketing data) is organized. It’s been a real blessing, especially during Covid-19 lockdowns. 

What Is Your Hiring Process, and How Do You Retain Your Employees?

Chad Otar: The financial sector has a bad reputation for being an impersonal workplace — so I changed that. I wanted Lending Valley to foster a familial atmosphere, and I believe that’s how we retain our employees.

We ensure our employees get the best work-life balance, and our office has a natural home-from-home feel.

How Are You Funding Your Growth?

Chad Otar: We were lucky enough to have a very successful first month — we facilitated almost 100 transactions. It has just spiraled from there.

Who Are Your Competitors, and How Do You Plan to Stay in the Game?

Chad Otar: We don’t have that many direct competitors because of operational processes. However, if I had to pick one, I’d say Bitty Advance. Thanks to our superior technology, they try to match our offers, but they can’t quite manage it. 

We plan to stay in the game by implementing increasingly advanced AI-powered algorithms to turn days-long processes into near-instant outcomes. 

Tell Us a Customer Success Story of Yours

Chad Otar: Picking just one is near-on impossible! However, the most rewarding success stories are those from the small businesses we’ve helped get back on their feet after the pandemic’s impacts.

Any Final Thoughts?

Chad Otar: I’d like to thank my brother; without him, I wouldn’t have ventured into the finance world at all.

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