Unveiling the True Power of Working from Home: WFM as an Opportunity Rather Than a Threat!

Effie Bersoux & Theo Moulos GrowthRocks

Effie Bersoux and Theo Moulos – Co-founders of GrowthRocks, tell us how the agency helps startups and well-established companies achieve rapid and sustainable growth.

First of all, how are you and your family doing? 

Effie Bersoux: We are better than ever! We recently came across some old notes we were keeping during a pre-covid brainstorming session. It was a fulfilling moment realizing that our noted down “thoughts” are now our live projects that have already met success. And all these happened during a time when all our team was working from home and in the most efficient way ever.

Tell us about you, your career, and how you founded GrowthRocks.

Theo Moulos: We are both entrepreneurs and marketers with a technical background. Growth hacking -or growth marketing- is “marketing made by engineers” to grow businesses. It is like it has our name on it. Finding success in it and still being passionate about it after so many years comes to show that it was indeed our calling. We both had started our entrepreneurial journeys separately, and when we met, we decided to merge the two to create a bigger opportunity. Sometimes, it’s better to collaborate than compete, especially when personalities and visions match.

How does GrowthRocks market its product/services online? 

Effie Bersoux: We have managed to have all our business being generated “on its own” (a.k.a. “inbound”), meaning that people come to us. That happens because we did what we know very well: We built the organic presence of our company online and made it rank first in google results worldwide. So our website and the immense value we give with our articles, our conferences, our teaching classes, public speeches, and ebooks are all part of a mechanism that generates high-quality leads.

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how did you get through it?

Theo Moulos: There are two answers to this question. One is that it affected our business positively, achieving all-time highs in many aspects because everyone turned from “digital-first” to “digital-only” ways to grow their businesses. Our team worked in the most efficient way while working from home. The other side is that a lot of our clients had to do 180’ pivots. Hence, we had to do our best not only to move fast and help their businesses “survive” but also to support them to the best of our abilities through this stressful time not only on a professional but also on a human level. But we did even more than that: we found ways to make the pandemic an opportunity for our clients. At the same time, we had to make our team feel secure and support them in all ways possible, too.

What specific tools, software, and management skills are you using to manage your online marketing?

Effie Bersoux: Automating processes is a huge part of how we work. We use Active Campaign for that. Our vault of gold contains super sophisticated first-party data about our user base. Our CMS (WordPress across all our properties) holds all our engagement points with our customers. Our mindset of sharing value has created a loyal user base. In order to be able to use our valuable content in the best way, possible tools like Zapier and Clearbit are simply tied to the way we work. Slack is how we communicate with our team, without which nothing would be possible. 

Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game?

Theo Moulos: As a company, we address the global market, which is so big that we don’t have to see anybody as a competitor. Being in the forefront of marketing, we find ourselves thinking of fellow top-notch marketers as soldiers fighting the same fight: finding ways to make the best use of our minds and technology to benefit businesses. If you think about any business that grows, the more jobs are generated, the more progress there is across the industries, and the stronger the global economy gets. So we are all on the same side. We will continue staying in the game and playing it in the same fairway: with transparency, real work, and fearless chasing of our goals.

Your final thoughts?

Effie Bersoux: We will never go back to the past way of working, which to us seems very inefficient. WFM is the future towards a successful life balance for our colleagues and us, and it has improved their productivity immensely. Working from wherever you want to live is way better than living wherever you decided to work from. We want our team to feel content and enjoy their lives as much as possible!

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